My Year in Books Round 2 (Reading Challenge Update)!

Hey y’all!Last year, I decided to list out all the books I read for the year and I decided to do round two! I have finished my Reading Challenge on Goodreads pretty early actually. I finished it in October (my goal was to read 30 books) which meant I had two more months left in the year. I didn’t push my goal number up like I did last year but just continued reading and each book I read made my percentage go up way higher! Any who, below you will find the list of books that I’ve read (or listened to thanks to audiobooks) this year. If there is a link on the title, it means that I wrote a review of that book so if you want to read the review for that particular book, go right ahead!

I will say that I read more books by black authors this year than I did in recent years which is shocking! This list is not in any particular order I just wrote them as I saw them on my list.

Young Adult (YA) & Middle Grade




If you want to check out any of these books and help an independent bookstore, check out bookshop.org. If you’d like to checkout my book that I wrote (yes I’m a self-published author), you can get it here!

What were your favorite book(s) this year? How did your reading goals go this year?

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Nessa D.


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