Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover! “Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?” Is Just the Book You Need!

Hey y’all!

I’m pretty sure I got strange looks when reading this but I just had to get it. I’m talking about the book Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs? And other questions about dead bodies by Caitlin Doughty, who just happens to be my favorite Mortician. I found her page on YouTube after the death of my uncle and I was curious to find out about what happens when he’s cremated. I have been hooked on her content ever since. She’s taught me to be death positive and to have a death plan to make the process easier and more affordable for my loved ones (here’s a post on how to start a death plan on the importance of it).

I previously read her autobiographical tale of her journey through the death industry in her book, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes: And other lessons from the Crematory (review is here), and I just loved it! I had really high hopes for the book. Did it stand up to those expectations? Read on to find out!


Everyone has questions about death. In Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?, best-selling author and mortician Caitlin Doughty answers the most intriguing questions she’s ever received about what happens to our bodies when we die. In a brisk, informative, and morbidly funny style, Doughty explores everything from ancient Egyptian death rituals and the science of skeletons to flesh-eating insects and the proper depth at which to bury your pet if you want Fluffy to become a mummy. Now featuring an interview with a clinical expert on discussing these issues with young people—the source of some of our most revealing questions about death—Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?confronts our common fear of dying with candid, honest, and hilarious facts about what awaits the body we leave behind.


This was so much fun! I loved it! Some of the questions were the same ones that I had and Lot more were things I guess I always wondered about and I love her writing style like it felt like she was talking to me. It was written in a way that was easy to understand. I really appreciated that about this book. What I thought was really awesome was that all of it’s questions came from children!

If you spend time with kids, you know that they don’t hold back, especially the younger they are! Some questions were things that I’ve always wondered like: What do dead bodies smell like? What happens when a cemetery is full? Do we poop when we die? Can I be buried with my cat? By the way, to the question thats the title, there’s a chance that your pet may eat your eyeballs if left dead for a while.

She also talked about the history of certain customs and how people from other cultures handle the death of their dead. She also debunked many myths about death and dead bodies. For example, one myth I heard growing up is that they cut the legs of tall people to fit in caskets. That’s not true. Also, did you know that just like organ donors can donate organs, you can also use blood from dead people?

This book is filled with so much knowledge in a whimsical way. It’s a great book can’t wait to read her other book, From Here to Eternity.

I give this book a 4/5 stars. It’s just fantastic and I highly recommend it! It’s great for all ages and this book will be on my classroom library shelf!

To checkout her work or to work with her, checkout her funeral home website (by the way, her funeral home works with families across the country) and the revamped site of Order of the Good Death.

Have you read a book with a fun and whimsy title?


Nessa D.

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