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How to Reach Your Reading Goals

Hey y’all!

So I’ve recently finished my reading goal for the year. You read that right: I finished my yearly reading goal by the end of September! What an awesome feeling. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, let me explain. On Goodreads, a site for readers who want to learn about books and connect with other readers, they have a reading challenge so that we can challenge ourselves to read more books. You can also see what your friends are reading and how many books they plan on reading for the year, but be aware that if this will cause you to get super competitive and down on yourself, I suggest you don’t look at their goals.

Last year, I had a goal of reading 20 books but by the summer, I’d reach that goal so I stretched it to 25 which I did reach by December. This year, I wanted to stretch it a bit further so I planned to read 30 books for the year and I’ve just completed that goal. I was so happy and proud of myself!

Now, I’m not going to stretch my goal out for the rest of the year like I did last year because well, I don’t want to stress myself out! Although, if I’m being 100% honest, sometimes I beat myself up because my reading goals wasn’t in the hundred range or even 50! I follow many people who read like nine books a month. I also follow those who read no books a month and struggle to finish even one book so that helps me keep things in perspective.

So, how did I do it? How can you do it? Well here are some tips of how to make your reading goals:

  • Challenge yourself! Pick a goal that’s doable but also challenging! You’ll be quite surprised and it’ll help grow your confidence as a reader.
  • Write it down! Put it somewhere you will see it often. It could be in the notes app on your phone, calendar on your computer or planner, bullet journal, or even on a website like Goodreads!
  • Have accountability. Tell a friend or several friends! Post your challenge online. As you finish each book, check it off your list. Whatever works for you, make sure you’re holding yourself accountable.
  • Join a book club. I’m in two book clubs and it helped me to give myself a game plan and again, helps with accountability because I know I have a time limit to read a book. Plus, when you have wrap ups, you can talk books with those in your group and its a cool way to make friends around the globe!
  • Incorporate audiobooks! This one was new to me and to be honest, I felt like it was cheating. However, I was able to do things as I listened to a book. I can clean my room, work on some projects, get my nails done, etc. Some people listen to an audio version of a book they’re also reading physically because it helps them get through a book faster. Or if you honestly hate picking up a book to read but still want to enjoy a book, this may be an option as well. I use Audible but there’s others like Libby, chirp, or Libro.
  • Relax. Don’t stress out over your reading. In fact that’s a quick way to get burned out. If you’re honestly not feeling it, don’t force it. If you’re in a rut, maybe pick up a quicker book to read. Don’t get caught up in the numbers. One girl I follow took a month off of reading simply because she wasn’t in the mood and she came back refreshed and ready to read.
  • Add variety to what you read. I love me some YA romance books but this year I challenged myself to read more genres (joining book clubs helped me with this A LOT). It helps me to learn what I like plus it’s nice reading different types of books! Also, switch between reading a e-book, physical copy, or audiobook.

As you can see, reading books shouldn’t be a daunting task. It’s fun! Plus, you grow as a reader. What are some of your favorite ways to read more books?

I’ve reached my goal by the end of September!


Nessa D.

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