“Dear Haiti, Love Alaine” – A Book Review

Hey y’all!

I won’t lie I did not like this book at all. This was not a good book at all. This was written by two sisters from Miami from Haitian descent. It’s a YA contemporary fiction? I put a question mark on it because there’s an element that would maybe change it but then again, I was confused. I should’ve DNF’d (did not finish) it like I was told to but I just had to finish it with the hopes that it got better. Newsflash, it didn’t!

I read this book for the book club that I’m in of teachers from Instagram. Read on about this disorganized mess of a book.


Co-written by sisters Maika and Maritza Moulite, and told in epistolary style through letters, articles, emails, and diary entries, this exceptional debut novel captures a sparkling new voice and irrepressible heroine in a celebration of storytelling sure to thrill fans of Nicola Yoon, Ibi Zoboi and Jenna Evans Welch!


I did not enjoy this book. I wanted to like it but it was not enjoyable. Not a good time at all. I feel bad for leaving this type of review but I have to be honest. I didn’t like it. Took me weeks to finish it. This book was awful! It was poorly written. There was no real plot like it was confusing to read. This was terrible (I know I keep saying that but this book is horrible). I honestly wanted to like it. I really did because I’m from Miami and I expected them to write more about Miami but they didn’t. I definitely expected to learn more about Haiti because the main character, Alaine, went there and I learned nothing. She went there to learn about Haiti and her family history and she legit went there to work for her aunt and then became a “curse” breaker. Which, was the curse real or fake? They never explained that and what did that baby have to do with anything? Really, what did the kid have to do with a curse?

I would’ve loved more of her getting close to her mom but we didn’t really see that. I felt like this was thrown together poorly since it was written by two sisters and it was not enjoyable. I’m proud of them for writing this book and for the most part it received positive reviews but the bad reviews came from people like me, who felt like the me, were lost in the reading. I think that they had such high hopes and the book fell short. It was an unorganized mess and her banter with the other characters was awful in fact she just annoyed me lol. I didn’t believe her love interest at all.

I was hoping that this book would dispel any prior bias that I had about Haiti and Haitians. Being from Miami, I did have some Haitian friends so I was like okay this will help me understand them more but NO. This book did none of that. Growing up I’ve heard people call Haitians poor and dirty and that they eat cat but I did not see any of that so I treated it like just a discrimination of foreigners. But again, the book did nothing to dispel the rumors.

This is honestly a 2.5/5 stars

What book should I read next?


Nessa D

4 responses to ““Dear Haiti, Love Alaine” – A Book Review”

  1. I saw you post this on Instagram. I too expected more out of this book given that the writers are Haitian and From Miami. Thanks for this review. I was just wondering, that’s why I came to check out your blog post review. Continue reading and being great! Will be back!


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