“Believe It”: My Honest Book Review

Hey y’all!

I just finished reading Jamie Kern Lima’s book and man oh man I love it. If you’re reading this post right now, it means that the book is currently out! It was released today (2/23/2021). It’s out today! Jamie Kern Lima’s new book “Believe IT: How to Go from Underestimated to Unstoppable.” You can get amazing free gifts when you order now at BelieveIT.com. The free gifts are a course and a 95 page workbook (action plan). If you’ve never heard of her, she’s the founder of it Cosmetics. She started the company in her living room and eventually became the #1 luxury cosmetics brand in the world. She later sold the company to Loreal for over a billion dollars. Yes you read that correct: billion. She is a true self made Billionaire. I just remember thinking for years, wow she should have a book and share her tips about business or life. And she finally did!

I discovered it cosmetics through watching infomercials. I thought it was unusual because well…she’s is a lady with curves and that is just something I wasn’t used to seeing from the beauty industry. And apparently, her weight was a stumbling block to her getting in the stores. She heard the word “No” for years from investors and retail companies. It wasn’t until she got her chance from a woman (which you all should read her story about this. It’s amazing). Anyway, she got her opportunity at QVC. She had 10 min to sell her products or that was it for her company…she sold out on national TV and her products quickly gained popularity and the rest is history.

When she posted to Instagram that she was coming out with a book, I was so excited. As soon as the link to pre-order was available, I clicked so fast lol. I went to my trusty amazon and bought the e-book since it was cheaper. A few days or weeks later, she announced that she was putting together a launch team and I contemplated joining before I finally decided to go for it and apply! I was elated when I was an official member on the launch team. Basically as part as the launch team, we post about the book and try to build up customers to buy it. We got the free gifts that buyers this week would get which is the course and workbook and we also could win some extra goodies. Yesterday, she held the Unstoppable conference which omg was amazing. She had Ed Mylett, Tony Robbins, Jay Shetty, the founder of Spanx, and much much more. It felt like a 10 hour conference because…well it went on for most of the day! Legit but each speaker was on fire! It was amazing.

By the time it ended, I was still on a high. I felt so inspired. By the end of reading her book, I felt like I was on the right path. Everything will be okay. The way I felt after reading her book is the same way I want my readers to feel after reading my book. But this is not about me lol.

Some of the takeaways that I got from the book are:

I started reading it on my tablet but once the actual book came in, I read it in paperback form
I’ll start using this quote! I just love it
Dropping some truth bombs

Really loved my copy!
Please checkout “Believe It!”. It is amazing

Those were just some of the takeaways from the book. Again, it’s amazing. You can get it at the link I posted earlier in the post or on Amazon. Would you be interested in this book? Let me know in the comments.




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