My Favorite BookTubers

Hey y’all!

I discovered booktube around this time last year and I became fascinated with it. It has helped me to discover more books and broaden the types of book I read. I pride myself on reading books from diverse authors but following these channels have helped me to read diverse genres of books. Most of the channel shows reading vlogs, book reviews, subscription box unboxing, book hauls, and much more!

They are not in any particular order. They pretty much offer something a little bit different from the rest, so I’ll make suggestions. Check out my faves below!

Jack Edwards

I love him. Jack Edwards is in the UK (he just recently moved to Paris actually). My bestie recommended his channel for me and I have not been disappointed. Not only is he cute, he’s pretty punny (he loves puns). He reads lots of books but I haven’t really seen him read Graphic Novels. He did do a couple of videos on him reading self-help books but I think it was for that specific video and not because he actually enjoyed them. He does lots of videos of celebrity recommendations, or books he saw tv characters read. Sometimes he have a theme and other times, it’s an impromptu video. If you’re into those types of videos, check out his channel. He also has a second channel, has written a book and has a stationary company.


I love this channel (I mean obviously since she’s here on this list). She’s awesome and she’s a woman who is Sri Lankan Tamil. I mention it because alot of books that she recommends are from southeast asian authors. She’s all about reading books from diverse authors. She’s so knowlegable about books (it also doesn’t hurt to mention that she works in publishing). She’s recently started a book club called Read the Color in which we read books from different races and ethnicities. She’s working a book and that was another reason why I love her channel.

Enni Endings

I found Christine from Mel Reads’s channel. They were doing a reading sprints video together and I thought she was pretty cool. She doesn’t post as much as she used to because she works but she does have a blog as well. She reads all types of books, including fantasy and middle grade. She’s recently returned to YouTube following a mental health break. If you’re into Fantasy and YA, this is channel for you!

Pages of Haley

Haley is a fellow writer and she writes Fantasy stories. Her favorite types of stories to read are stories featuring dangerous women and she loves Sapphic tales as well. Stories written by black authors are high up on her list a well. I love how she shows some of her flaws when she’s speaking which makes her more approachable. When she does a livestream, I’m always eager to hop on and watch her channel. She reads a lot of books however I haven’t seen her mention sci-fi much, middle grades, or graphic novels. Will she read books with smut? Yes lol. I just love her channel and definitely deserves a follow! Give her a follow on Twitter also because she posts a lot about her writing on there.

Books and more with Kristin G

This delta reads lots of books. She’s a pre-MEd student so she doesn’t post a lot of times. On some Sundays, she hosts reading sprints and they usually lasts 3-4 hrs surprisingly. I guess I never notice how long it is because I’m so into my book and focused on getting some reading done. She does read fantasy, middle grade, and romance books. She’s also really a chill chick.


This chick is pretty cool. She’s actually in Panama and has a huge following worldwide. She’s friends with Christine, Kristin, and Jaleesa. She reads so many books. Like I’m not kidding, the girl reads a lot (and her makeup is flawless if I might add). She reads Manga, Graphic Novels, Fantasy, Romance, Thrillers (she’s loves a good slasher book), like she reads books from many genres so anything that she recommends, you can’t go wrong. She’s a bid Brandon Sanderson fan. She’s very down to earth which is a great trait to have. Sometimes she hosts read-a-thons for either 24 or 48 hrs (48 hrs is for her Patreon followers) and hosts reading sprints every now and then. Readings really helps when you’re reading a book and want to get some reading done. We all talk to each other in the comments and its a great time.

Bounded and Bookmarked

I cannot leave without mentioning my girl Jaleesa. She has a Bahamian background like myself and she’s really nice. I joined her Patreon and even though she doesn’t have it anymore, she has a discord which is pretty cool because we can talk on a more personal level. She interacts with her followers which I love. She reads mostly YA Romance and Fantasy but I believe she will get more into Adult Contemporary Romance in the future. She’s so chill and laidback and I just enjoy her channel.

Honorable Mention:

Book Roast

An honorable mention on this list is Book Roast. She’s into mythology and fantasy. I found her when she was doing a Wizardy book challenge . I actually don’t watch much of her videos but its only because I’m not into Fantasy like that. I may like a Fantasy book every now and then but I don’t gravitate towards it. If you’re into all things magical, this is the channel for you. This UK based booktuber does love cats which is always a plus in my book!

Who are some of your favorite booktubers? I’m interested in discovering more channels!

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