OWLS Magical Read-Athon

Hey y’all!

For the month of April, I am taking part of the OWLS Magical Readathon. I am already doing a reading challenge for the year over on Goodreads. For the year, I’m challenging myself to read 15 books. So far, I’ve read about 8 (could be 7 or 8. I have to see on the app) but I low-key feel like I’ll probably surpass that amount. I love reading. It’s a lot of fun for me (like really it is).

I’m a bookworm and honestly, when I was in school for undergrad and grad school, I let my reading hobby get away from me and it made me really sad because I genuinely enjoy reading. Within the past two years, I fell back in love with reading. Or, really, I actually had the money to buy books. I used the excuse that I was building my classroom library but really, I just wanted to buy and read books. The first time I did the reading challenge on Goodreads, I told myself I’d read 15 books for the year and I totally didn’t! I probably read seven (again, at the time I was in grad school). Last year, I challenged myself to read 13 books, which I’m happy to report, I’ve done. This year again, I’m choosing to read 15 books for the year and so far it seems that I will surpass that goal!

Any, what does this have to do with the challenge for April? Well I heard about this readathon on Instagram from Molly over at @thatawkwardteacher. She reads a lot (and I do mean a lot of books). She no doubt have inspired me to kick my reading game up a notch for sure. Anyway, she posted that she was doing her OWLS Magical Readathon and I was like OWLS? I’m in! If you don’t know what OWLS is, its the test that fifth year students at Hogwarts have to take (It’s a Harry Potter thing lol) and it helps with what career they want to do.

So I went on YouTube and looked at the videos on Book Roast’s account where she explained how the challenge worked and gave an overview of what to expect (btw I posted the video here so that you too can check it out if you want). I checked out the Google Drive that she had the printable info for us to use as a guide and I chose my career (I was torn between writer, librarian, or professor. I ultimately chose writer) and got to planning my books. I went to Molly’s page and looked at all the books that she was reading and highly recommended so that I can have some type of direction on where I should be going. Once I had my small list together (I only have to read three books this month), I waited very impatiently for payday so that I can buy all my books!

I was so excited. For my OWLS, I have to take History of Magic, Muggle (Non Magical people) Studies and a third subject of my choosing so I chose Charms (it’s my favorite subject). According to the prompts, for Muggle Studies I have to read a contemporary book so I chose to read Adorkable. For Charms I have to read a book with a white cover so I chose the book A Good Neighborhood and for History of Magic, I have to read a book featuring wizards and witches so I’m reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I’m not reading them in any particular order but I’m starting with Adorkable (so far it’s really cute. Its about a girl who’s in love with her friend and  he has no idea. Sound familiar?)

When this month is over, I will of course let you all know how it went. 





Let me know if you’re joining in. If you’re curious, check out the video. If you’re on Instagram and what to see what other people are reading, check out the hashtags #owlsmagicalreadathon2020 and #magicalreadathon2020. You may be inspired to try it out yourself. If you do, let me know! If you have and Potterheads in your life, let them know about this challenge. It’s really fun!




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