Let The Sunshine In

Hey y’all!
Last week I went on campus (the Florida State University) for an ice cream social that our President was having. Every year, President Thrasher hosts an ice cream social and it’s always towards the end of the Spring Semester. It’s always held on Landis Green, which is in front of the library on campus. I went once in all my years at FSU. The first time I went, I was by myself. It was nice but also kind of lonely to me (at the time. I’ve since then learned to enjoy my solitude).

I actually had a bit of an interest in going this year but I wasn’t actually gonna do it (I’m kind of a flake my b). Anyway, I was supposed to meet up with my friend Karina that day for what? I don’t know but I asked her if she knew about the social and that it lasted from 1-3. To my surprise she said yes! I secretly planned on just watching Pioneer Woman on Food Network, in my pj’s, while reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! I actually had some avocado toast that I wanted to eat for lunch after I had worked out. I had to just suck it up and go. To my surprise she wanted to meet up after she got out of class (around noon) which was earlier than I had plan on going out there: I wanted to watch 30 Minute Meals on tv (notice how my activities are planned around what I watch on tv?) but I sucked it up and went.

I brushed my teeth, put on a cute romper, grabbed my purse and headed out! It was such a beautiful day out! I honestly couldn’t believe I was about to just stay in the whole day. I smelled the flowers out. I looked around and really took in my surroundings. It was therapeutic! I immediately felt better about my choice to go to the ice cream social. I met up with Karina and some friends under a canopy tree (the temp was in the 70s which is perfect to me) and just relaxed while we waited for the event to start. As we walked around we saw all the things they had set up: the ice cream booth that had a majority of the popular flavors like vanilla, chocolate, cookie dough and much more, popcorn booth, the dj playing all the jams, soda (had to grab my coke),a popsicle stand, and an obstacle course. Everything was all you can eat; it was great.

Want to know what took me by surprise? I let go! I let go of my anxiety that I had been feeling for the previous day. I let go of trying to control everything. I laughed. I smiled. I got my behind kicked in the obstacle course (Karina was pretty good at that thing). I walked home that day feeling so glad that I went. With the breeze running through my hair and the sun shining on my face, it was hard to not smile. I had fun that day! I let go of the usual for me and it was quite rejuvenating.

My challenge for you is to do something out of the ordinary for you. Let go! Go outside. Let the sun in! Live life and have fun. It’ll make a world of difference.


Lola Dasher

It was quite a beautiful day on Landis Green for an ice cream social
Almost to the front of the line
Gettin’ my fave flava: Cookies n’ Creme
We originally thought this was a bounce house but no! It was an obstacle course which was even better!
Wiped me out lol

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