You Should Read “Happily Ever Afters”

Hey y'all! Recently, I finished reading Happily Ever Afters by Elise Bryant and I must say I enjoyed it. I had this book on my bookshelf for over a year and the thing that made me hurry and read it was the fact that the author was coming out with another book and I just… Continue reading You Should Read “Happily Ever Afters”


Did “Iron Widow” Slay?

Hey y'all! I have just finished "Iron Widow", a YA sci-fi novel by Xiran Jay Zhao and I am at a loss of words. Actually no, I take that back. I have lots of words to say about this book. I have seen this book a few times on Booktube and this was actually one… Continue reading Did “Iron Widow” Slay?

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Is “The Keeper of Night” a Keeper?

Hey y’all! I got this book because I'm in a book club and I went into this book totally blind, which means I knew nothing about it. I didn't really know what to expect except one person in the book club made the comment that she couldn't wait for the second story of the series,… Continue reading Is “The Keeper of Night” a Keeper?

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“The Black Flamingo” – Yasss or No Gawd Honey?

Hey y’all! I recently read “The Black Flamingo” by Dean Atta. I actually bought it on a going out of business sale at the store but I've seen it on Instagram a lot. I was apprehensive about reading it because it dealt with a gay character. I've read a book about a non-binary character before… Continue reading “The Black Flamingo” – Yasss or No Gawd Honey?

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Should You “Look Both Ways?

Hey y’all! I've had this book, Look Both Ways, on my bookshelf for the longest. I've been seeing it alot on teachergram (teachers on Instagram) and it's from one of my favorite authors, Jason Reynolds. I've taught the first chapter for a plot lesson and I read the first chapter for first chapter Friday, which… Continue reading Should You “Look Both Ways?

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“Color Outside the Lines” for Once

Hey y’all! I come to you with another book review. Are y’all enjoying these by the way? I just love talking about about books and I'm happy that you're here for the ride. So thank you. Now to the goods! I have had this book (Color Outside the Lines: Stories about love) for a while… Continue reading “Color Outside the Lines” for Once

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Was “Beasts of Prey” a Beast of a Debut?

Hey y’all! Now I will be real. I went into this book blind. I've never heard of the author. I've never heard of the book. I didn't even know what this book was about! I saw the book, Beats of Prey by Ayana Gray, on Instagram. Epic Reads's profile was promoting this book that was… Continue reading Was “Beasts of Prey” a Beast of a Debut?

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Did “White Smoke” Bring the Smoke?

Hey y’all! Let me start off by saying that I had an idea on reading suspense books this month. One of the teachers I follow on Instagram even has a hashtag, #creepinitreal, and lots of people share the scary books they read for October, however, I had no such plans. I'm not one who gravitates… Continue reading Did “White Smoke” Bring the Smoke?

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Give a Round of Applause for “Clap When You Land”

Hey y’all! I was in a bit of a reading slump. I had just finished reading "Aces of Spades" and so I just wanted to read something so that I didn't lose my momentum but it just wasn't happening. I was also stressed out about my life (she this post on why) and I just… Continue reading Give a Round of Applause for “Clap When You Land”