How to Have a Spa Night at Home

Hey y’all! Just because we’re stuck in the house doesn’t mean we can’t have a spa night! With many states starting to open up, this may or may not be of any relevance for you but for others and for me (even though my state is opening on Monday, I’ll be staying in still forContinue reading “How to Have a Spa Night at Home”

Want Bright Glowy Skin in the Winter?

Hey y’all! I recently have started a new job and so I’ve actually started to care more about my morning regimine and so to help force me along, I bought some stuff from Avon to kind of give me the push I needed. The reason why it forces me along to do it is becauseContinue reading “Want Bright Glowy Skin in the Winter?”

How To Get Fresh Dewy Skin After Working Out

Hey y’all! So as you may or may not have noticed, I’m a TIU (Tone It Up) girl. What is Tone It Up? Well to give you a very brief overview, its a fitness community and the creators Karena and Katrina have workout videos, app, gear, basically all the things having to do with fitnessContinue reading “How To Get Fresh Dewy Skin After Working Out”