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A Look at How You Look

Hey y’all! This past week, Khloe Kardashian caused a bit of a stir. Now here is my disclaimer before I go too far in deep. I have a love hate relationship with the Kardashians. Like Kourtney, she's honestly my favorite (like I love her) but the other ones get on my nerves. Kim, slightly reminds… Continue reading A Look at How You Look

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Something New

Hey y’all! Recently, I decided to slowing break out of my comfort zone and try new things. I'm starting small so that I'm not overwhelmed and I must say, it's fun! I'm also proud of myself for it too! At this point, it's now the new year and lots of people make new years resolutions.… Continue reading Something New

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I Might Have COVID (Update: I Don’t)

Hey y’all! No this isn’t click bait. You read that right. I may have COVID-19. Am I upset? Of course. We have taken all the necessary precautions at work but two of my students have caught it. We all know that I was not really excited about going back in the physical classroom this school… Continue reading I Might Have COVID (Update: I Don’t)

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Life Update!

Hey y'all! It has been FOREVER since I've written a blog post and I will not lie, things have been hectic at work and things have been emotionally crazy to be honest. Instead of just being silent and just not saying anything, I wanted to update you all with what was going on over in… Continue reading Life Update!

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Studio Tone It Up Is Three!

Hey y’all! So the Studio Tone It Up App is three years old this month! As a way to celebrate, Tone It Up is making the app free for the entire month of September. Yes you heard me, the app is free for the month. If you're on the fence about whether or not you… Continue reading Studio Tone It Up Is Three!

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Quick Tone It Up Summer Series Update!

Hey y’all! I haven’t updated y’all on all my Tone It Up programs that I’ve done lol. Was the last one I talked about the "Toned Body, Toned Mind" program? I think so? Anyway, it's been a good minute so I guess I should catch you guys up! Since I finished that program back in… Continue reading Quick Tone It Up Summer Series Update!

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How to Keep Your Mental Health in Check

Hey y’all! May is mental health awareness month. Your mental health whether you have a mental illness or not is very important. I love how open things and people are about mental health so that so many people do not have to suffer in silence. They don't have to feel all alone. Remember: you are… Continue reading How to Keep Your Mental Health in Check

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How Meditation Changed My Life

Hey y’all!I love meditating y'all. It's crazy how much I've just gotten used to it. In the past, I never really did it much. I mean, I'd try it every now and then but I never really found my groove with it. I used to admire my bff Nkem (over at For the Masses) with… Continue reading How Meditation Changed My Life