SAD is a Beast

Hey y’all! As you know, I have times when I struggle with my mental health. I’ve been diagnosed with depression and anxiety and it’s definitely a dark cloud looming over me sometimes. The last few months of the year are really hard for me mentally and emotionally. This is around the time I tend toContinue reading “SAD is a Beast”

Resilience Burnout is Real and How To Deal

Hey y’all! You know, life is not easy. I was just venting to a friend about how I’m tired of being resilient and I just wanted a break in life. If you’re like, hey that came out of nowhere. Not quite. You see, I was reflecting over my life and how much hardship I hadContinue reading “Resilience Burnout is Real and How To Deal”

A Breath of Fresh Air (Kinda)

Hey y’all! I was recently on TikTok and on my for you page, I’ve been seeing quite a few videos of women who have never been in a relationship and how they weren’t sought after by anyone and it really messed with them! Those posts (because there were lots of them) made me feel aContinue reading “A Breath of Fresh Air (Kinda)”

What to Do When You Need a Break

Hey y’all! Have you ever felt like your cup was passed empty? Like it was dry and collecting dust? Have you ever felt like you were hanging on by a thread? Have you ever woken up some days and just cried? If you’ve said yes to any of those questions, you’re not alone. It’s aContinue reading “What to Do When You Need a Break”

Another Trip Around the Sun

Hey y’all! This post will be a super quickie! Recently, it was my birthday (October 12th) and usually, I hate it. I hate my birthday because it’s basically yet another reminder of what’s missing in my life (like a hubby and kids). However, I have been inspired by media maven, Monique Mitchell (which by theContinue reading “Another Trip Around the Sun”

5 Pieces of Love Advice for Singles

Hey y’all! Recently, one of my favorite bloggers/authors, Cara Alwill, decided to give relationship advice. Now this was something that I knew I had to jump on because she never really talk about relationships (except for maybe talking about how a partner should be). She usually tries to keep it cute and not really mentionContinue reading “5 Pieces of Love Advice for Singles”

How to Deal with Grief

Hey y’all! Grief has been on my heart and mind for a while now and I decided to go ahead and talk about it because maybe what I’m going through someone else is going through it too and you never know who you’ll bless. Grief, just like healing, ebbs and flows. Some days, I’m good.Continue reading “How to Deal with Grief”

How to Host Your Family Reunion on Zoom

Hey y’all We recently had our family reunion (via zoom) and I had a lot of mixed emotions as the time drew near. Now, to answer the question of, why did you have a family reunion on zoom? Well simply put, there’s technically still a pandemic going on (Florida accounts for 20% of new COVIDContinue reading “How to Host Your Family Reunion on Zoom”

How to Deal With Change

Hey y’all! So many new things have happened lately which is why I didn’t have a post last week (forgive me). I basically have encountered change back to back and I won’t lie it was quite overwhelming. I don’t know if change is overwhelming for other people but for me? I hate it. Like IContinue reading “How to Deal With Change”

Who’s Timeline Is It Anyway?

Hey y’all! It’s the summer and since I’ve been on break, I’ve had tons of time to reflect on my life. I don’t know, whenever I experience changes in my life, I start to reflect on where I am and where I want to be. Sometimes though, the thought will come to me like, girl,Continue reading “Who’s Timeline Is It Anyway?”