Self-Publishing My Book- My Journey

Hey y’all! Well…a few months ago, I self-published my book! I was and still is super excited. Actually, I am still experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions. In fact, if you haven’t checked it out, I wrote a blog about how I felt about becoming a self-published author and you can read about it here. ThisContinue reading “Self-Publishing My Book- My Journey”

When the Wallflower Blooms

Hey y’all! As you all may or may not know, I am writing a book (or more so wrote a book)! It has been a process for sure I can say. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to write a book. In fact, it was in high school that I said thatContinue reading “When the Wallflower Blooms”

Being Single AF On Valentine’s Day

Hey y’all! I hope you have enjoyed my last post with my guest blogger Audrey. I love her and hopefully you love her as much as I do. If you’re interested in taking her classes, reach out to her on Instagram. Also, just follow her because she’s a badass babe! Anyway, this past Sunday wasContinue reading “Being Single AF On Valentine’s Day”

Shop Small Y’all!

Hey y’all! Well it’s so hard to believe that we are in December. In fact, in a couple of weeks will be the new year! Honestly, this year has flown by so fast that I can’t believe it. So much has happened. 2020 has honestly been on hell of a ride with lots of uncertainty.Continue reading “Shop Small Y’all!”

Life Update!

Hey y’all! It has been FOREVER since I’ve written a blog post and I will not lie, things have been hectic at work and things have been emotionally crazy to be honest. Instead of just being silent and just not saying anything, I wanted to update you all with what was going on over inContinue reading “Life Update!”

Broke Millennial

Hey y’all! Something has been on my heart for quite some time and it has to do with finances. Hell when Sarah Ordo asked us girls in Her Best F**king Life Mastermind group on Facebook what we wanted a video on, I was the first person to comment “finances” and the other girls agreed (byContinue reading “Broke Millennial”

New Beauty Tool I’m Obsessed With

Hey y’all I don’t know about you, but since this whole quarantine situation of being in stuck in the house for times on end, I’ve developed a terrible shopping habit. I mindlessly add things to my Amazon cart and when I get paid, I buy so much stuff (most lately have been books). Anyway, IContinue reading “New Beauty Tool I’m Obsessed With”

Labels: What Are They and How Do We Work Through Them?

Hey y’all Today, I am doing a virtual workshop from Sarah Ordo called “Her Best Fucking Brunch” and I am really enjoying it. She was the first speaker and she had us do an exercise. In the exercise, we were to take two index cards or two pieces of paper and write down the labelsContinue reading “Labels: What Are They and How Do We Work Through Them?”

How to Keep Calm During Self-Quarantine

Hey y’all! I’m here at home during my spring break and I just wanted to have something for you all to do while you’re at home or during a self-quarantine. Things have been crazy for the past week. It really hit home for me when they started to shut down schools (which btw I’ll haveContinue reading “How to Keep Calm During Self-Quarantine”