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  • Afro-Latinas Who Are Killing the Game

    Hey y’all! .It’s Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month and I want to show some love to some of my fave Afro-Latinas to follow. Now my number one would be my old roomie and one of my best gal pals Karina but…I’m going to talk about some of those we see out there in the media or on […]

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  • Things Are Getting Woo Woo Around Here

    Hey y’all! Within recent years, I’ve been starting to get interested in manifestation. I didn’t dive too deep into it but I’ve been getting more and more interested. Towards the end of last year, I really made the decision to try it out and actually see what I can manifest. Now I’ve always loved making […]

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  • Let’s Make a Vision Board

    Hey y’all! I will be totally honest with you all. I have been struggling over here. My birthday was this past Monday and to be honest, I’ve been struggling mentally and emotionally since then. I’m nowhere near where I thought I would be by now (babies and a hubby) and logically I’m like chill Vanessa! […]

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  • Two Exciting Projects I’m Working On

    Hey y’alll! This is such a super quick post and it’s I guess to hold myself accountable. Not gonna lie,  when I reached out to my bestie Nkem (a fellow blogger over at For Tha Masses and childhood bff) this morning and told her my plans and to see how each other were doing, she […]

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  • Brave New World

    Hey guys! So I can finally announce that I have a teaching job! Its been quite a journey to get here and I leave Tallahassee in a couple weeks (yikes) and I’m excited but nervous. I’ve known about my job since March actually. I was tired of not teaching while I had my degree and […]

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  • Thank You, Next

    Recently Ariana Grande came out with a song called “Thank you, Next” as an ode to her exes and self love. I’m not gonna lie, I am obsessed with that song. I don’t know what it is but I love it. I take that back actually, I do know why I love that song so […]

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