Hey y’all! Omg! I was without my phone for a full 48 hrs! No kidding I was. I woke up Saturday morning to a dead phone and I immediately freaked out. I went to YouTube and looked at as many videos as I could on how to remedy the problem. Nothing worked! Feeling super dejected, … More Unplugged

Treat Yo’ Self

What comes to mind when you hear that saying? Do you think you have to spend a lot of money? Do you feel that it’s unnecessary? Do you think you’re too busy? When i say “treat yo’ self”, I’m talking about treating yourself to self-care. Self-care is so necessary and it’s become very vital to … More Treat Yo’ Self

Starting Over

Ask I write this post, I’m currently sitting in a bus terminal lobby, waiting for my bus to take me home for a day visit to Miami (I haven’t seen my grandma since August). It also happens to be the first of the year! Now this is not going to be one of those posts … More Starting Over

Thirty As F**k!

Hey y’all! I’m super excited to bring you my very first blog interview. Who is it with you might ask? Well, its the lovely Ms. Sarah Ordo. If you thin that name sounds familiar, well it should. I mentioned her in my last blog post. She has a brand new book coming out next month … More Thirty As F**k!