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  • Who’s Timeline Is It Anyway?

    Hey y’all! It’s the summer and since I’ve been on break, I’ve had tons of time to reflect on my life. I don’t know, whenever I experience changes in my life, I start to reflect on where I am and where I want to be. Sometimes though, the thought will come to me like, girl, […]

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  • Impatiently Waiting

    Hey y’all! So something that I noticed about me that’s kind of funny but also not is that I can totally get impatient. Like I’m the type of person who will read the end of a book so that I can know how it will end before I read it from the beginning. Like I […]

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  • “Believe It”: My Honest Book Review

    Hey y’all! I just finished reading Jamie Kern Lima’s book and man oh man I love it. If you’re reading this post right now, it means that the book is currently out! It was released today (2/23/2021). It’s out today! Jamie Kern Lima’s new book “Believe IT: How to Go from Underestimated to Unstoppable.” You […]

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  • Life Update!

    Hey y’all! It has been FOREVER since I’ve written a blog post and I will not lie, things have been hectic at work and things have been emotionally crazy to be honest. Instead of just being silent and just not saying anything, I wanted to update you all with what was going on over in […]

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  • Miss Independent

    Hey y’all! I missed y’all last week. I was out of town and didn’t have a chance to post anything and the reason for me being out of town slightly has to do with this post. See, I moved to a new apartment and Karina and I parted ways (she moved in with her boyfriend) […]

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  • Are Teachers Martyrs?

    Hey y’all! This week has been quite an experience to say the least. We are getting ready to head back to school in a month and it’s really such a weird place to be. See I live in Florida, one of the hot spots for COVID-19 and a lot of people, including our governor, is […]

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  • Ch…Ch…Ch…Changes

    Hey y’all! Do you believe that people can change? I sure as hell do! It’s just a part of life. Is it fun or easy? Well  I don’t know about you but to me, it’s not easy. Its nerve wrecking actually to me. But it is a part of life. For example, are you the […]

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  • How to Keep Calm During Self-Quarantine

    Hey y’all! I’m here at home during my spring break and I just wanted to have something for you all to do while you’re at home or during a self-quarantine. Things have been crazy for the past week. It really hit home for me when they started to shut down schools (which btw I’ll have […]

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  • Let The Sunshine In

    Hey y’all! Last week I went on campus (the Florida State University) for an ice cream social that our President was having. Every year, President Thrasher hosts an ice cream social and it’s always towards the end of the Spring Semester. It’s always held on Landis Green, which is in front of the library on […]

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