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Some of my Favorite Books by Black Authors

Hey y'all! It is Black History Month currently and I just wanted to share just some of my favorite books by Black authors. A lot of them are YA (Young Adult Fiction) because's my favorite genre. I love these books and hopefully you will too. If I've written a review on that particular book,… Continue reading Some of my Favorite Books by Black Authors

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Should You “Look Both Ways?

Hey y’all! I've had this book, Look Both Ways, on my bookshelf for the longest. I've been seeing it alot on teachergram (teachers on Instagram) and it's from one of my favorite authors, Jason Reynolds. I've taught the first chapter for a plot lesson and I read the first chapter for first chapter Friday, which… Continue reading Should You “Look Both Ways?


I’m A Self-Published Author!

Hey y'all! Yes! You heard that right; I am a self-published author. My book is out (click here to purchase) and it's so crazy and mind blowing. Now I must apologize for being MIA for a while. It has been...quite an adventure for sure so I've been trying to just rest and reset which is… Continue reading I’m A Self-Published Author!

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10 Books I’m Loving Right Now

Hey y'all! I'm back with a list of my favorite books! I love to read. Its really calming to me and it helps to take me away in some odd weird way shape or form. Anyway, here is a list of some of my favorite things to read. I recently did a reading challenge on… Continue reading 10 Books I’m Loving Right Now