How to Cook a Flat Iron Steak

Hey y’all! Coming at you with a foodie post. I was craving a steak so I looked up how to cook a steak. I looked at Ree Drummond’s recipe and while I was excited to make her recipe, I don’t have a grill. So I had to continue my search for a great and easyContinue reading “How to Cook a Flat Iron Steak”

Calm Before the Storm

Hey y’all! Happy Labor Day! I’m home off because well its a holiday but its also because of the storm, Hurricane Dorian. It’s a slow moving storm and it’s pretty strong but now…its a waiting game. Its still hitting the Bahamas as we speak and is slowly making it’s way up north. We here inContinue reading “Calm Before the Storm”

Let The Sunshine In

Hey y’all! Last week I went on campus (the Florida State University) for an ice cream social that our President was having. Every year, President Thrasher hosts an ice cream social and it’s always towards the end of the Spring Semester. It’s always held on Landis Green, which is in front of the library onContinue reading “Let The Sunshine In”