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Tips for Teachers That We All Need Right Now!

Hey y'all! Boy oh boy! Teaching right now is...a lot. It's a hot mess and teachers are leaving the field in droves. It's astonishing how many teachers are leaving. I know for us in Florida, the case is dire. According to the FEA's (Florida Education Association)website article, we are experiencing a shortage for subs, teachers,… Continue reading Tips for Teachers That We All Need Right Now!

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Things I Learned in My First Year of Teaching

Hey y’all! So last week Wednesday was my last day of school! Well for the students that is. Friday was the last day for teachers because you know, grades. This first year has been quite interesting to say the least. First of all, it was really exciting to even get into this field. It's not like… Continue reading Things I Learned in My First Year of Teaching

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I Bombed My First Observation!

Hey y'all! Yes you've read that right, I bombed my first observation. That is in fact not click bait. It happened a couple of weeks ago and let me tell you, I am at a loss for words. I'll get real with you. I debated wether or not to talk about this on my blog… Continue reading I Bombed My First Observation!

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First Year Jitters

Hey y'all! I have been teaching for almost two weeks now (tomorrow is friday'll be two weeks). It will also be payday tomorrow and I'm beyond ready for that. I spent way too much money on school supplies for my students that i didn't bother buying anything that I needed to like live in… Continue reading First Year Jitters