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  • Tips for Teachers That We All Need Right Now!

    Hey y’all! Boy oh boy! Teaching right now is…a lot. It’s a hot mess and teachers are leaving the field in droves. It’s astonishing how many teachers are leaving. I know for us in Florida, the case is dire. According to the FEA’s (Florida Education Association)website article, we are experiencing a shortage for subs, teachers, […]

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  • Ugly Words

    Hey y’all! Boy oh boy! Things are so crazy right now. I just had an experience recently that I’ve never had to deal with. Something happened at work that I definitely was not expecting, especially with it being the week of inauguration and MLK Day. To give a little background, I teach. I teach English […]

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  • It’s Pre-Planning Time

    Hey y’all! The new school year here in Orlando starts on the 21st! Actually I take that back and it was quite a shakeup. So originally school was supposed to start on the 10th, however, COVID-19 happened so they pushed the date back to the 21st. Sometime in the first week of this month, the […]

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  • Are Teachers Martyrs?

    Hey y’all! This week has been quite an experience to say the least. We are getting ready to head back to school in a month and it’s really such a weird place to be. See I live in Florida, one of the hot spots for COVID-19 and a lot of people, including our governor, is […]

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  • My Advice on Landing a Teaching Position

    Hey y’all! Applying and obtaining a teaching position can be kind of hectic. You may not know where to begin or is unsure if you’ll ever get a job. I mean, just one of the hurdles (testing) is costing people hundreds even thousands of dollars just to take and then you have to pay an […]

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  • What’s with this test?

    “I am devastated, I failed the essay for the sixth time…I have tried everything, and honestly, I think my essay was more than good enough for a passing grade” “At this point I’m mentally fatigued with these tests and don’t know which direction to go in” “Failed the Pre K-3 language arts for the 5th […]

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