I Tried Speed Dating (Online)

Hey y’all! So as most of you know (or may not know if you’re new here…if so, hi), I am a hopeless hopeless romantic. There’s nothing I want more than to be settled and in a relationship. I’ve got wedding bells and babies on my brain and I’m not ashamed to admit that. What IContinue reading “I Tried Speed Dating (Online)”

It’s Okay Not to Be Okay

Hey y’all! May is officially and and you know what that means! It’s mental health awareness month! I’m hoping that this time around I’m okay. Pretty recently, I’ve been struggling. It happened slowly and before I knew it, I found myself in a depressive episode. I would come home feeling down about my circumstances butContinue reading “It’s Okay Not to Be Okay”

Impatiently Waiting

Hey y’all! So something that I noticed about me that’s kind of funny but also not is that I can totally get impatient. Like I’m the type of person who will read the end of a book so that I can know how it will end before I read it from the beginning. Like IContinue reading “Impatiently Waiting”

Crazy Stupid Love

Hey y’all! As y’all know, I’m a hopeless romantic. I am a Libra. I love love. Y’all also know that…I’m single af! Do I like that aspect of my life? No. Is it my fault I’m in this situation? Hell yes! I haven’t had the best track record when it came to my dating life.Continue reading “Crazy Stupid Love”

How Meditation Changed My Life

Hey y’all! I love meditating y’all. It’s crazy how much I’ve just gotten used to it. In the past, I never really did it much. I mean, I’d try it every now and then but I never really found my groove with it. I used to admire my bff Nkem (over at For the Masses)Continue reading “How Meditation Changed My Life”

Semicolon Kind Of Life

Hey y’all! Today I wanted to talk about something super serious. The topic that I’ll speak about today is something that…well its about suicide. If this is a touchy subject or maybe a trigger for you, then don’t read this particular blog post. Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. This is a pretty hot topic.Continue reading “Semicolon Kind Of Life”

A Change is Coming

hey yall! Oh my goodness. What a whirlwind the past two weeks have been! It’s been emotionally draining for me honestly. I felt like Katt Williams in his stand up when he said he “be trying s**t, trying s**t. Won’t work. Trying s**t, trying s**t. Won’t work” (you can find this clip here. BTW itContinue reading “A Change is Coming”

I Almost Died!

Hey guys! No its not clickbait in the title. I literally almost died! I have been having a rough few weeks and I’ve just been riding the wave of it all. I don’t want to go through too much detail but its been rough. Honestly I’m totally proud of how I handled this whole situationContinue reading “I Almost Died!”


Hey y’all! It Mental Health Awareness Month and let me tell you, I’m stoked! I’m not sure if this is a new thing or what but I’m all about it. The reason I’m so happy and excited is because mental health is really getting the acknowledgement it deserves. Back in the day it was consideredContinue reading “Delores”