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Teaching Update!

Hey y'all! I barely write about teaching nowadays and to be honest, I hate it. Do I want to leave the field? No but right now I'm just pushing through and just trying to make it to the end of the school year. On teacherTok (teacher content on TikTok) there are plenty of videos of… Continue reading Teaching Update!


How to Host Your Family Reunion on Zoom

Hey y’all We recently had our family reunion (via zoom) and I had a lot of mixed emotions as the time drew near. Now, to answer the question of, why did you have a family reunion on zoom? Well simply put, there's technically still a pandemic going on (Florida accounts for 20% of new COVID… Continue reading How to Host Your Family Reunion on Zoom

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Year Two of Teaching is Done!

Hey y’all! Year two is officially done. We were done on Tuesday...I take that back. The student's last day was on Tuesday (May 25th) and our last day was Thursday (May 27th...at 2:00pm). This year has not been easy for a long shot. This was....such a long year it feels. Teaching already is such a… Continue reading Year Two of Teaching is Done!

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My First (Kind of) Teacher’s Appreciation Week!

Hey y’all! The week of May 3rd-7th was teacher’s appreciation week! I call this my first real teacher's week because well COVID happened last year and we couldn't really celebrate like how we wanted to. I mean admin at my school did what they could but it just wasn't the same. They gave us lunch… Continue reading My First (Kind of) Teacher’s Appreciation Week!

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I Might Have COVID (Update: I Don’t)

Hey y’all! No this isn’t click bait. You read that right. I may have COVID-19. Am I upset? Of course. We have taken all the necessary precautions at work but two of my students have caught it. We all know that I was not really excited about going back in the physical classroom this school… Continue reading I Might Have COVID (Update: I Don’t)

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Teaching in the Age of COVID-19

Hey y’all! Friday was our first day of school. It was ver interesting to say the least. First of all, I did or should I honestly say sat through two weeks of "trainings". I did quotes because a lot of the information were repeat information from our New Teacher Initiation (you can read about that… Continue reading Teaching in the Age of COVID-19

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It’s Pre-Planning Time

Hey y’all! The new school year here in Orlando starts on the 21st! Actually I take that back and it was quite a shakeup. So originally school was supposed to start on the 10th, however, COVID-19 happened so they pushed the date back to the 21st. Sometime in the first week of this month, the… Continue reading It’s Pre-Planning Time

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Broke Millennial

Hey y'all! Something has been on my heart for quite some time and it has to do with finances. Hell when Sarah Ordo asked us girls in Her Best F**king Life Mastermind group on Facebook what we wanted a video on, I was the first person to comment "finances" and the other girls agreed (by… Continue reading Broke Millennial