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Buffalo Chicken Soup

Hey y’all! Oh my good so I made some soup the other day and I must say I am impressed. First of all, it's almost winter and it's starting to get cold out and I don't know about you but usually when the weather is starting to get cool (like in the 60's...remember I'm from… Continue reading Buffalo Chicken Soup

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Fall In Love With Your Skin

Hey y’all! It’s officially my favorite season and I’m pretty hype about it! First of all, its the season when it stops feeling like 1 million and 10 degrees outside (although its still hot outside but not as hot) AND its the season with my birthday! I love Fall. I'm such a basic bitch to… Continue reading Fall In Love With Your Skin

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How to Have a Spa Night at Home

Hey y’all! Just because we’re stuck in the house doesn’t mean we can’t have a spa night! With many states starting to open up, this may or may not be of any relevance for you but for others and for me (even though my state is opening on Monday, I'll be staying in still for… Continue reading How to Have a Spa Night at Home

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Let’s Talk About Skin

There's a  new beauty trend out that's really interesting. It's a great way to clean your skin without leaving it dry and is quite gentle. What am I talking about? I'm talking about a cleansing balm. Specifically Elemis. For the past six months I have been using Elemis' Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm. I received the product… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Skin

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Treat Yo’ Self

What comes to mind when you hear that saying? Do you think you have to spend a lot of money? Do you feel that it's unnecessary? Do you think you're too busy? When i say "treat yo' self", I'm talking about treating yourself to self-care. Self-care is so necessary and it's become very vital to… Continue reading Treat Yo’ Self

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A Broke Girl’s Guide to Nightly (Or Day) Routine

Hi there! Been a while so I wanted to post something really quickly that has been on my mind. I'm starting to care a lot about my skin. I mean growing up (starting in middle school actually) I've always had a skin care routine that I tried to stick to. Through the years though, I've… Continue reading A Broke Girl’s Guide to Nightly (Or Day) Routine