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Is Skin Bleaching the Answer?

Hey y'all! I will be honest. I have nowhere to begin with this post. I'm reading the book Wild Tongues Can't Be Tamed and it's bringing up a lot of deep rooted issues that I have with myself. This book is a collection of essays on the experience of growing up Latinx and most of… Continue reading Is Skin Bleaching the Answer?


I Hate My Face (and What to Do If You Hate Yours)

Hey y'all! I have been struggling a lot with my self-esteem ever since I was a kid. I've come a long way but I still struggle with it. I've always hated what I saw when I looked in the mirror. I'm going to do another post on beauty standards for the 21st century. When I… Continue reading I Hate My Face (and What to Do If You Hate Yours)

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What’s the Color of Beauty?

Hey y’all! Remember when I said colorism was a topic for another day? Well that day has finally come!  Colorism is when you discriminate based on skin color. Someone with a lighter complexion is considered to be more beautiful or valuable than someone with dark skin. It's like racism's close relative. It started back during slavery.… Continue reading What’s the Color of Beauty?

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Thirty As F**k!

Hey y'all! I'm super excited to bring you my very first blog interview. Who is it with you might ask? Well, its the lovely Ms. Sarah Ordo. If you thin that name sounds familiar, well it should. I mentioned her in my last blog post. She has a brand new book coming out next month… Continue reading Thirty As F**k!

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A Broke Girl’s Guide to Nightly (Or Day) Routine

Hi there! Been a while so I wanted to post something really quickly that has been on my mind. I'm starting to care a lot about my skin. I mean growing up (starting in middle school actually) I've always had a skin care routine that I tried to stick to. Through the years though, I've… Continue reading A Broke Girl’s Guide to Nightly (Or Day) Routine