What to Do When Life Just Sucks

Hey y’alI! I don’t know about you but it’s been a rough few weeks for me. With me being reassigned (read about it here)and my birthday coming up soon, I’ve just been going through it. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep. I stopped exercising. I wanted to die. Now I’m sure there are people outContinue reading “What to Do When Life Just Sucks”

I Hate it Here!

hey y’all! For this post, I wanted to share an excerpt from my book, When the Wallflower Blooms. This month is Suicide Prevention Month and I just wanted to share my story. Major trigger warning for suicide with this one. Anyway, enjoy my little excerpt and if you want, check out my book here. EnjoyContinue reading “I Hate it Here!”

How to Deal with Grief

Hey y’all! Grief has been on my heart and mind for a while now and I decided to go ahead and talk about it because maybe what I’m going through someone else is going through it too and you never know who you’ll bless. Grief, just like healing, ebbs and flows. Some days, I’m good.Continue reading “How to Deal with Grief”

Knowing Your Worth and Letting God Handle the Rest

Hey y’all! Something happened to me recently and it just made me feel much better about myself and I don’t know maybe some of you are experiencing the same thing. So I went on job interview after job interview after job interview (I was leaving my school. Part of the reason can be found hereContinue reading “Knowing Your Worth and Letting God Handle the Rest”

Eliza and Her Monsters – A Book Review

Hey y’all! I have recently finished this book, Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia, and I must say, I highly suggest everyone read this book. I discovered this book from YouTube, from Janenine from Thisstoryaintover. I was intrigued because it’s a story that dealt with a shy and introverted character who wrote a comic.Continue reading “Eliza and Her Monsters – A Book Review”

It’s Okay Not to Be Okay

Hey y’all! May is officially and and you know what that means! It’s mental health awareness month! I’m hoping that this time around I’m okay. Pretty recently, I’ve been struggling. It happened slowly and before I knew it, I found myself in a depressive episode. I would come home feeling down about my circumstances butContinue reading “It’s Okay Not to Be Okay”

Impatiently Waiting

Hey y’all! So something that I noticed about me that’s kind of funny but also not is that I can totally get impatient. Like I’m the type of person who will read the end of a book so that I can know how it will end before I read it from the beginning. Like IContinue reading “Impatiently Waiting”

Why You Need a Weighted Blanket!

Hey y’all! I have been hearing about weighted blankets for years and I finally decided to get one! If you’ve never heard of one, well…it’s exactly as it states: it’s a blanket that is heavy or weighted. They can weigh anywhere from 5 pounds to 30 pounds! It helps with anxiety and insomnia and helpsContinue reading “Why You Need a Weighted Blanket!”

How Meditation Changed My Life

Hey y’all! I love meditating y’all. It’s crazy how much I’ve just gotten used to it. In the past, I never really did it much. I mean, I’d try it every now and then but I never really found my groove with it. I used to admire my bff Nkem (over at For the Masses)Continue reading “How Meditation Changed My Life”

Labels: What Are They and How Do We Work Through Them?

Hey y’all Today, I am doing a virtual workshop from Sarah Ordo called “Her Best Fucking Brunch” and I am really enjoying it. She was the first speaker and she had us do an exercise. In the exercise, we were to take two index cards or two pieces of paper and write down the labelsContinue reading “Labels: What Are They and How Do We Work Through Them?”