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  • Thirty As F**k!

    Hey y’all! I’m super excited to bring you my very first blog interview. Who is it with you might ask? Well, its the lovely Ms. Sarah Ordo. If you thin that name sounds familiar, well it should. I mentioned her in my last blog post. She has a brand new book coming out next month…

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  • Table for one!

    Hi guys! I just got home from an event, called the Muggle Shuffle, which is a bar crawl for Harry Potter enthusiasts. Last year I went and I had such an amazing time and so I was really excited when it came around for this year. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. I’m a Hufflepuff,I…

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  • Bright Eyed Beauty

    Hi guys! I’m back with another review! I was pretty to try out the product because well…I wear both glasses and contacts. My eyes can get irritated and I hate how tired it makes me look. Enter Lumify! Its a new eye drop that illuminates your eyes. Your eyes will appear lighter and brighter (who…

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  • Sweet sweet baby feet

    For the past two weeks I have been doing a trial of the baby feet foot peel. If you’ve never heard of it before, its a peel that you do in which you put your feet in a solution for about an hour or so and over the couse of two weeks, your feel will…

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  • Thank You, Next

    Recently Ariana Grande came out with a song called “Thank you, Next” as an ode to her exes and self love. I’m not gonna lie, I am obsessed with that song. I don’t know what it is but I love it. I take that back actually, I do know why I love that song so…

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  • A Broke Girl’s Guide to Nightly (Or Day) Routine

    Hi there! Been a while so I wanted to post something really quickly that has been on my mind. I’m starting to care a lot about my skin. I mean growing up (starting in middle school actually) I’ve always had a skin care routine that I tried to stick to. Through the years though, I’ve…

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  • Hi Guys!

    So…I created this site last year and this is my first actual blog post (ha ha). I’m a bit of a procrastinator as you can see. Any who, I can’t wait to show you all a peak into my world. I’m quite the self-professed wallflower. I’ll share my highs and my lows. I’m a bookworm…

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  • First blog post

    This is the excerpt for your very first post.

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