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  • Is Skin Bleaching the Answer?

    Hey y’all! I will be honest. I have nowhere to begin with this post. I’m reading the book Wild Tongues Can’t Be Tamed and it’s bringing up a lot of deep rooted issues that I have with myself. This book is a collection of essays on the experience of growing up Latinx and most of […]

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  • What to Do When You Need a Break

    Hey y’all! Have you ever felt like your cup was passed empty? Like it was dry and collecting dust? Have you ever felt like you were hanging on by a thread? Have you ever woken up some days and just cried? If you’ve said yes to any of those questions, you’re not alone. It’s a […]

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  • What to Do When Life Just Sucks

    Hey y’alI! I don’t know about you but it’s been a rough few weeks for me. With me being reassigned (read about it here)and my birthday coming up soon, I’ve just been going through it. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep. I stopped exercising. I wanted to die. Now I’m sure there are people out […]

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  • Breaking the Cycle

    Hey y’all! I was listening to a video on Instagram earlier today and it was from Funky Dineva and he was talking about black people having to unlearn certain behaviors to break generational curses. What is a generational curse? It is the cumulative effect on a person of things that their ancestors did, believed, or […]

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  • Boundaries: We Need Them

    Hey y’all! Recently, a blogger sent a love note about boundaries and it made me think, I need to talk more about it. I will admit, I’m not the greatest person with boundaries BUT I have seen a huge improvement with it over the last two or three years. One of my favorite bloggers, Cara […]

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  • I’m Choosing To Be Single By Choice

    Hey y’all! That’s right. You read that correctly but it’s not in the sense that you think. As you know, I’m a hopeless hopeless romantic. I want nothing more than to settle down. Get married and have babies. That’s what I want for my life. So, you may ask yourself why is it that I’m […]

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  • A Look at How You Look

    Hey y’all! This past week, Khloe Kardashian caused a bit of a stir. Now here is my disclaimer before I go too far in deep. I have a love hate relationship with the Kardashians. Like Kourtney, she’s honestly my favorite (like I love her) but the other ones get on my nerves. Kim, slightly reminds […]

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  • Studio Tone It Up Is Three!

    Hey y’all! So the Studio Tone It Up App is three years old this month! As a way to celebrate, Tone It Up is making the app free for the entire month of September. Yes you heard me, the app is free for the month. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you […]

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