“Pregnant As F***” Book Review

Hey y’all!

No I am not pregnant (I have to have a husband for that) but I did read Sarah Ordo‘s newest book Pregnant As F***: What It’s Really Like To Grow a Human Being, Shoot It Out Of Your Lady Parts, & Embrace Mom Life. First of all, when she first said that she was pregnant back in 2020, I knew that she’d make some announcement with the pregnant AF theme because its so on brand for her and when she announced she was writing a book? Again, I knew the title would have something along the lines of pregnant AF. It’s nice to see I wasn’t wrong!

I’ve been buying Sarah’s books for years. I pretty much bought all of them when I think about it. I think the only one I haven’t bought was the journal for sobriety (but if you’re interested you should def check it out). Her books are very relatable (to me for sure) and if you haven’t bought one yet, what are you doing? She’s one of the reasons I decided to self-publish my book. I just love her.

Anyway, just what did I think of this preggo book? Read on to find out!


Let’s be honest, lots of baby books are boring. Can’t we make things a little more fun!? We don’t need to hear about what fruit our baby is the size of each month. We want to hear the down and dirty details about what it’s REALLY like! We want someone to give it to us straight. No bullsh*t and no sugar-coating! Pregnant As F*** is your typical baby book, but with a little twist. It’s a little bit informative, a little bit funny, and a whole lot of relatable! I’m not going to tell you precise measurements on your baby’s expected development each month. I’m not going to give you advice about what’s right and what’s wrong. And, for the love of God, I’m not going to tell you about how my baby was the size of a bunch of kale during week twenty-six of my pregnancy. I am going to tell you my firsthand experience of becoming a mama. Everything from trying to conceive, to delivering a baby, to how difficult the first year of motherhood can be. Hormones. Hemorrhoids. Adult diapers. Bloody Nipples… We’re going to cover it all, mama! This book is for the woman that is diving into the world of being a mama and might be scared sh*tless about it. The woman that is ready to know what it really feels like to push a baby out of her lady parts. The woman who will struggle with postpartum anxiety and depression. The woman who wants to hear about the best parts, the hardest parts, and everything in between. Sit back and kick up those swollen feet, mama. This ones for you!


I’m not a mom yet but I want to be one in the future and I have a being that when that time comes, I’ll return to this book again and again. I love all of Sarah’s books and it’s fun to see the journey she’s been on throughout her life. I loved her take on pregnancy, birth and the first year of having a baby. I loved how raw and honest she was with this book. When she talked about her body changes I was like finally, someone who doesn’t make pregnancy seem like a rainbows and unicorn type of thing. She gave all the gritty details when it came to the birth and wearing depends and the ‘rhoids (hemorrhoids)! I think how she views motherhood and pregnancy is pretty similar to how I’d see it.

I will like to mention though, I felt sad reading it. If you’re new to my blog, I want and yearn to have a family one day. I want to be a wife and I want to be a mom.I get sad because I feel like I’ve should’ve met that goal already. Sarah wanted to have kids before she was 30 and was obsessed with her timeline but thankfully her husband talked some sense into her and she saw that having a baby by 30 wasn’t going to happen, but they did start on their family some time after they were married and in a position to start having children. I want that for me. I cry about it often. I would love to be a mother one day and maybe reading this book wasn’t right for me emotionally because I got real depressed over the fact that I don’t have a family yet. I’m only getting older and time is running out for me to start having a family (hence my depression and sadness).

I gave this book a 4/5 stars. I highly recommend this book for any new mom, a mom to be, or any woman who wants to be a mother one day (like me).

Title: Pregnant As F***: What It’s Really Like To Grow a Human Being, Shoot It Out Of Your Lady Parts, & Embrace Mom Life.

Author: Sarah Ordo

Publication Date: May 26, 2022

Genre: Non-Fiction, Pregnancy

Buy it here: Amazon

If you’re a new mama or have children, what book(s) did you read to prepare?


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