Things Fall Apart and How to Bounce Back

Hey y’all!

As you may or may not have noticed, I’m not a stranger to heartache or things not going right. If you’re a regular functioning human, its safe to safe that things haven’t always gone your way at some point in your life. A job offer that you’ve accepted might have fallen through. Your health may have taken a turn for the worst or maybe you were diagnosed with an illness that will affect the way you live your life. Maybe you lost your house or a family member or a pet. Maybe that relationship you were in ended horribly leaving you disappointed. The point is well…sh*t happens. That It’s a sad fact but its true: things fall apart. The thing is though, how do we react when things fall apart?

I know how I react. I shut down. I’m trying to get better at it. I know recently, I’ve experienced financial setback and it’s been affecting my life: I couldn’t pay all my bills on time, I couldn’t go to therapy because I just didn’t have the money. I would go into the negative because all of my bills are on autopay and every little bit of money I got was just disappearing. I felt (and sometimes still do) like there’s no out. The only things that been getting me through were God and my close circle. I want to give in and cry all the time but I know being stagnant will not help anything. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

So what can you do?

Also, my fave Cara Alwill recently had a topic like this on her podcast recently. Check it out when you can.

What has helped you bounce back from when you had a fallback? What things have helped you to press forward? Let’s lift each other up in the comments!


Nessa D.

If you want to hear Cara’s podcast episode:

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