The State of Education

Hey y’all!

“We are on the verge of a collapse and they are not even trying to help us”

“I left after four months of my mental health got to a dangerous place”

“If I had a nickel for every parent that bullied me, I’d be able to live off my teacher salary”

“I’m leaving in June and never going back. Bye”

“truth, they always give new teachers kids with behavioral problems and expect them to work miracles”

“Soon we wont have teachers anymore. Parents better get ready for some home schooling. Teachers are underpaid and abused daily”

“They don’t allow us to save education”

These are just some of the quotes I see on the daily about teaching. These are real statements from real teachers! I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while but a TikTok this morning made me feel like yes this needs to be written. I see a lot of posts about teachers quitting and teachers being pushed to their limits and as a teacher, it makes me very upset. I know for us in Florida, we are dealing with censorship. They don’t want us to use the word gay or discuss sexual orientation in a “Don’t Say Gay” bill. They don’t want us to teach real history because it will make some white people “uncomfortable”. These are words in the bills y’all! They try to pass things off as that they don’t want us to teach CRT (Critical Race Theory), which by the way, we don’t anyway! It’s something that they teach in Law school. They say they don’t want us to teach it because they don’t want us to point out how unfair people have been treated in this country. They want to ban books by authors of color.

What about the little black and brown children who have to live with discrimination on a daily basis? What about the fact that they’re trying to erase the legacies of those who have broken their backs trying to build this country? What about the feeling of recognizing yourself in a book or picture or story? It’s awful!!! Now banning books is nothing new. They’ve been doing that for a while (there’s even a designated week to talk about this which is banned book week). The banning and censorship should come as no surprise to anyone.It’s not right and it’s not fair.

Honestly, if parents feel some type of way about their child learning about different cultures or religions or actual legit history, they need to just get over it or send their child to a private school. We should not politicize treating each other as a decent human being. Embracing a diverse groups is a problem now? The whole purpose of public school was to provide a FREE and FAIR learning system. FAIR!!! Right now, its turning out not to be fair.

Honestly speaking though, the government has been trying to privatize education for decades at this point. Underfunding education wasn’t enough. They are now taking drastic measures to further their goal to make public education obsolete. It’s all about money nowadays. Sadly, those who rely on Public education will be harmed in the end. Does the government care? No.

It’s no wonder why some schools are starting to close their Education problems due to lack of interest. What is going to happen when all of the teachers quit? It’s kind of funny actually. When teachers complain, there are some who tell teachers to quit well look, teachers are quitting and the school system is so desperate for subs, they’re willing to let anyone sub because they’re low on teachers. Some states are asking law enforcement, National Guards, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, government workers, and even some parents to step in and sub because they are so desperate.

We’re demoralized. Seen as babysitters. They don’t trust us to teach even though we went to school and some have gotten several degrees. Parents treat us like the scum of the earth and talk down to us and threaten us when we hold their child accountable. What happens when students see their parents treating us like this? They treat us with the utmost disrespect.

True, there has been a teacher shortage for over a decade. But since COVID, things have gotten much worst. It has brought to light just how broken the American education system really is. There’s no empathy for teachers or students.

A teacher that I follow on Facebook had this to say in a post about an article she did with NEA (National Education Association): “You see, when the system does not allow for success, when we are being stripped of our voices, and being pushed to do more without proper compensation and respect, we experience demoralization. That’s what we are experiencing friends.”

A teacher that I worked with at the time of me writing this got cussed out by a student because she told him to stop being mean to other Kids and to do his work. He yelled at her and said “shut the f**k up b**ch!”. That was just ONE example of something we deal with daily all day from the kids. There are no consequences from admin or at home so they think it’s okay to talk to us that way. A lot of teachers are not taking it and is part of the reason why we are short staffed at the school. If I’m being honest, I put in my resignation from the school because I cannot take the mental abuse anymore (don’t worry. I’m not leaving the classroom).

I don’t want to make this post too long so I’ll stop here. Check on your teacher friends because we’re not okay. More pay is not a cure all. The entire education system is broken.

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Nessa D.

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