Is Love Truly Blind?

Hey y’all!

There’s a brand new season of one of my favorite shows, Love is Blind, on Netflix. As I watched it, I got to thinking: is love like truly blind? If you’ve never watched or heard of the show, it’s basically an experiment in which you date a number of people at once sight unseen. For a total 10 days, you date around until you feel like you found someone to connect with. Once you find that person, you get engaged and can see each other right away with the idea that you will get married two-three weeks later at the wedding ceremony. The point of the experiment is to see if you can truly fall in love with someone based on conversation and not looks (although let’s be real, a lot of the people who get picked to be on the show are relatively good looking).

I mean I know the rapper Eve’s song Love is Blind but I always thought of the chorus as a warning: Love is blind/And it will take over your mind/What you think is love/Is truly not/You need to elevate and find. But is love actually blind?

I think about marriage a lot and what goes into choosing a great marriage mate. Now I may know what you’re thinking, didn’t you give up on finding someone? Yes I did sadly but while I had the hope of getting married, I had to get a clear picture of what made a great marriage mate. Now, obviously looks matter somewhere. I mean you have to be attractive to the person, however, looks should NOT be the only factor. Just following your heart (Jeremiah 17:9) and just going with your feelings can be a dangerous slippery slope and can lead to heartache.

As someone who is embracing her christianity, I tend to look to the Bible on guidance for selecting a marriage mate. Some people may not think of how the Bible gives us pointers on what we should look for in a mate and you can get a clear sense of if you’re ready for marriage yet. It’s not an outdated book by any means.

Am I ready to get married? The following questions are things you can ask yourself to see if you’re actually ready for that commitment:

What should you look for in a marriage mate? Again, I’m a Christian so I’m speaking from a Christianity standpoint. If you’re not a Christian, then look into your own religion for your standpoint, although most of the criteria would be good across the board.

The previous tips are great for anyone: single, dating, or married. If you’re single, look to implement these tips or when you’re dating someone, see if the person has the attributes. If you’re married, see if you need to make adjustments!

If married, what has helped you in choosing your marriage mate?

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