It’s My Book Baby Anniversary! Plus How You Can Become a Self-Published Author!

Hey y’all!

Yesterday was my book baby anniversary. Last year, I became a self-published author! My friends have been asking me how I’ve been feeling since then and to be honest, I have no idea. It feels like a normal average day. It’s also on a day that would’ve been my mom’s birthday and its such a nice tribute to her. What did I spend my day doing? Letter writing and Bible study, listening to an audiobook and reading. Sounds like a day well spent to me!

What has changed in a year? Well, I’m still here blogging because it’s just something that I enjoy doing. I haven’t been marketing my book like I know I should because well, it feels weird talking about myself. I’m always scared no one would even care or maybe they won’t buy my book. My book isn’t for everyone and thats okay. I just need to be a better job at marketing my book for those who the book is made for.

I also feel weird when I try new things! The world of Booktube and BookTok and Bookstagram can be real intimidating. I get overwhelmed when I try to make one TikTok! I do what I can and I’m willing to learn, it’s just hard for me personally to stop comparing myself to others out there. I’m finally starting to get over it and really try to put myself out there. Slowly but surely. One good thing is that it gave me the bug to create more books and planners and journals. I have a reading journal thats available on Amazon (if you want a physical copy) and Etsy (if you want a digital copy). I plan on making more items like notepads, wall art, bookmarks, and much more!

I’m sure with time, and more practice of me putting myself out there, my marketing will get better. I’m just nervous and anxious but you know, when am I ever not nervous and anxious? Choosing to press forward is the key and choosing to create more and write more is the key. You can’t give up. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

If you’ve been wanting to become a self-published author or maybe you think you would like to write a book, do it. It’s very possible. You don’t have to go the traditional route only! You can do it yourself. You can become a self-published author. If you don’t really have the money, Google is free and you can do all the research you want and have Google answer all your questions. There’s no shame in that and in fact, thats how the women who have inspired me to self-publish a book got their information.

Maybe you want more guidance and want to take a course. Depending on your budget, you have options. For $60, you can purchase a self-publishing and marketing course from Sarah Ordo in which she walks you through step by step for publishing your book through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). In fact, I have purchased that course (at the introductory price) and it is so helpful. I tend to find myself returning to it every now and then for guidance on what I should do or if I have a question about something. If you’re willing to spend a little more money (like over $1,000), there’s a six module course that Cara Alwill is hosting with her good friend Amanda Frances. In their course, it goes beyond just how to self-publish with KDP, you learn how to have a great writing routine and how to get into a good mindset to write, how to edit and upload your book, marketing, and much more. Since it’s a live course, it’s closed to people right now but will open up again this year. If that interests you, be on the lookout for that!

If it’s your dream to write and publish a book, go for it! Why wait? Life is really short and you don’t want to live your life with regret and asking yourself what if. Don’t let self-doubt hold you back! Don’t let the success of others hold you back as well. There’s more than enough room at the table. It’s honestly a great feeling knowing that you went after something you’ve wanted all your life. Or maybe it’s a new dream of yours. The point is: go for it. Get out of your own way and put your story out there. We all have a story to tell and you never know who you will bless by sharing your story!

If you’re an author, leave a link to your book in the comment. If not but it’s on your heart, what book would you write?

My book is available on Kindle
I have the Hard copy edition as well


Nessa D.

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