Leap of Faith – A Book Review

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A while ago, I read the book, Leap of Faith: Finding Love the Modern Way, by Cameron and Lauren Speed-Hamilton. I first saw them on the Netflix reality series, Love is Blind and fell in love with them. They were my favorite because well, they were an interracial couple and it was going to be interesting because her dad wasn’t really in favor of her dating outside her marriage, let alone marry some random on a reality TV show.

I was really curios as to what went on behind the scenes and if they’ll give any tips on dating because…I’m a single girl who’s looking for her happily ever after. Plus, I want to be in an interracial relationship so I was hoping this book would give me insight. Did I get any of that from the book? Read on to find out!


The fan-favorite couple from Netflix’s Love Is Blind share their engaging and accessible love advice for the modern world, the ups and downs they’ve experienced during their first years of marriage, and exclusive behind-the-scenes anecdotes from the pods. When Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed locked eyes for the first time, they were already engaged. They had no idea what to expect, having fallen in love across the divider of their pods on the daring Netflix reality show Love Is Blind. While they never expected to find their other half through this experiment, Lauren and Cameron emerged proof of the hypothesis that love is blind. Now, they’ll take us back to the origins of their whirlwind romance to tell their definitive story. Through alternating points of view, we’ll find out what led them to the show in the first place, how scary it was to bare their souls to faceless strangers on television, and how things shifted—for better and for worse—once the cameras were suddenly off and the rings were on. Lauren and Cameron’s journey together is a modern love story like no other, and their adventure is just beginning.


This was really good. To be honest I didn’t know what the book was going to be about but I really enjoyed it. It’s a mix of advice and personal narrative. They both went into their backgrounds and the mistakes that they made in their past relationships. I think what stood out to me the most was that Lauren was in a terrible relationship and decided to take a break. Yes she wanted marriage and kids but she didn’t see it happening any time soon and she started working on her. She decided to go ahead and give love a chance when she went on the show but didn’t tie her expectations to it. She had a whatever happens happens attitude and she actually ended up meeting her husband, no matter the race. And she went all in and was honest from the get go!

It made me smile because she put in the application for the show but continued to live her life and if it happened for her then great, if not, whatever. She wasn’t going to put her life on hold due to not being in a relationship. I can get like that (put my life I hold I mean). So it was nice to see that hey she did what she had to do and the man eventually came ( I mean she did put in the work of putting her application in). It inspired me to focus on growing my brand and empire and hopefully a man will follow.

I was really interested in learning more about Cameron’s past relationships because on the show he mentioned that he dated a black girl before and he dated her for years so it wasn’t like a fetish thing, he really actually liked her. He mentioned how some of the black guys (or one in particular) doubted him on if he’ll be able to pull a black woman and his comeback was awesome. He said something along the lines of “well there’ll be a wall between us so guess we’ll find out by the end”. That made me laugh.

There wasn’t like a ton of dating advice, it was sprinkled here and there. Stuff like be honest, have a life outside of your mate, be open to different people, make compromises, things of that nature. I just love them as a couple and hope they last a long time!

I loved it!

I gave it a 5/5 stars and highly recommend it.

Have you read a book on relationships before?

Title: Leap of Faith: Finding Love the Modern Way

Authors: Cameron Hamilton & Lauren Speed-Hamilton

Publication Date: June 15, 2021

Genre: Non-Fiction, Love & Romance, Memoirs

Buy here: Bookshop.org


Nessa D.

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