Gotta Have Faith

Hey y’all!

Things happen to us that can rock our world and that can truly test our faith. I’m no stranger to hardship and heartache and I’m pretty sure there’s others out there in the same boat. What can we do to have more faith? Read on to find out.

I was reading my Bible and recently a passage stood out to me. It was about how the Israelites didn’t have faith in God and it hurt them in the end. Time and time again we saw evidence in the Bible of where Jehovah (God’s name) came to the rescue of the Israelites when they showed a lack of faith. Now stay with me because I’m going to bring up my point so just stay with me. He got them out of Egypt. He rescued them from slavery. They saw all the plagues God brought upon the Egyptians and how he saved them but when things got tough, it was like all of that, what God did for them, didn’t matter. They saw the obstacle of the Red Sea. They got scared and said that they’d rather go back to Pharaoh and Egypt. How sad! They didn’t have faith after all God has done for them.

Now 2021 was real rough for me. There were times I was just holding on by a thread. I felt beat the f**k up seriously. I cried many days and nights. I felt alone and like a burden and I felt like God gave up on me. There were many cups and downs in my life this past year and I really was going through it come September. That’s when my world was flipped upside down. I went from slightly loving life to in a mental pit of despair. I went loving the school I was at to being reassigned to the worst school of all places. With that came feelings of dejection. Which caused a tailspin of me in a deep depression and anxiety meltdown. I soon realized I needed a break.

My faith was tested. I thought that I was cursed. I began to feel paranoid. I was scared to be happy. Scared that anything that I received would be taken away from me. I couldn’t eat. Couldn’t sleep. I cried everyday. I stopped taking care of myself. I didn’t want to live anymore. I felt that God hated me and I began to lose faith. I couldn’t remember all the things that God did for me. I was being just like the Israelites! At the time I didn’t see it but I disregarded all the things that God did for me.

If your faith has been or is being tested, what can you do? First thing you should do is curb the complaints! God hates a complaining spirit (read Numbers 11:1, 4-6, 10-15). It shows selfishness, displeases God, and displeases others. Studying the Bible can help you strengthen your faith or even acquire it. You’ll find answers to questions such as: Who is God? Does he care for me? Does he exist? What’s his purpose for the future?

Try to reflect on what you read in the Bible and what you see. Try to reflect on all the things he done for you, even the super small things like cause rain to fall which helps to nourish the plants. Reflect on the little blessings in your life. Pray to him and ask him for faith or to help you have more faith. He truly does answer prayers.

Things both good in bad happen to us in our lives. You just got to have faith.

Photo by MART PRODUCTION on Pexels.com


Nessa D.

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