SAD is a Beast

Hey y’all!

As you know, I have times when I struggle with my mental health. I’ve been diagnosed with depression and anxiety and it’s definitely a dark cloud looming over me sometimes. The last few months of the year are really hard for me mentally and emotionally. This is around the time I tend to get really depressed and when I want to commit suicide. There have been a few attempts in the past but thankfully, I’m still here. Which is why I’m so passionate about mental health. If I can prevent just one person from commiting suicide, then I’m satisfied.

What is SAD? Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a form of depression triggered by changes in daylight and weather that occur primarily in winter. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, it affects around 15 million adults in the US. That’s like 6.8% of the country. What are some symptoms? Some symptoms can include: Feelings of depression that happen most of the day, every day, in a seasonal pattern, having tiredness or low energy, loss of interest in activities you used to enjoy, changes in appetite or weight gain, and/or sleeping too much.

So what can help? The tips that are mentioned will help to minimize the affects of SAD. They’re not a cure all, just some things that can help you feel a bit better mentally. Choose what works for you because not everything mentioned will work for everyone. Try some and see what works. Maybe there needs to be an adjustment somewhere that fits more into your life.

If you find your mood dwindling around this time of the year, don’t despair. There are measures you can take to make SAD less harmful. You can beat this! Don’t feel alone. There is help out there, if you’re willing to seek it.

What are some things that help lift your mood around this time of the year? What tips ad advice would you give others?

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com


Nessa D.


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