New Year, Who This

Hey y’all!

A lot of people have been asking me how I’m feeling and how do I like my new school and I don’t know its just all so new for me to give like a real opinion! I will say that I guess each year I feel like I’m growing more confident as a teacher but its just so overwhelming being in a new environment and learning how they do things. Each school is different (or maybe it was just working at a charter school). It feels almost the same like last year but on another level in some ways. I’ll explain.

First of all, we’re still in a pandemic! The Delta variant of COVID-19 is up on the rise and I just saw a news report that each day, our numbers here in Florida are on a steady incline. We (Florida) account for about 20% of new cases in the country. Let that sink in for a second. 20%. Seems like not a lot but trust me it is a lot! How is my state handling that news? Ignoring it! Or at least thats what it feels like. Our governor is doubling down on his stance to not mandate both masks and vaccines. He’s made laws that makes it difficult for companies or even the local government to put policies in place to keep their residents safe. No one can be penalized for not wanting wear a mask. It goes against their “personal rights”. They even had the nerve to use the slogan “My Body My Choice” because they don’t want to wear a mask (ironically these are the same people who loves to dictate womens bodies) I mean okay I can see if he doesn’t want to mandate vaccines.

In fact, school districts here took him to court about keeping students safe and the state sided with the school districts. Two days after that ruling, the state board of education decided to withhold paychecks for superintendents who established mask mandates. Evil, right? Anyway, there’s a political tug of war going on and I’m just going to bite my tongue on the matter because if I let my real feelings be known, it won’t be pretty. Anyway, between the governor wanting us all dead to being at a school I hate, this year plainly is a living hell. Nightmare sort of speak.

Now, I’m sure you’re like, a school you hate? what? For that question, I say yes. You see, I was hired at a fantastic school. It was in a great neighborhood. I had mostly honors classes. The kids wanted to read. They’d play music during transition to lighten the mood…it was awesome. Also, this school had access to things that I didn’t imagine possible. I didn’t want to leave. I was forced to leave due to a reassignment. They told me that on a Friday and that following Tuesday was my last day at the school. The kids were confused. I was confused. It just didn’t seem fare. Because I was one of the last folks hired, I was one of the first to go. You see, what I wasn’t aware of was that if you’re in the district, they can reassign you to a school if your school don’t have room for you in the budget. So you’re not fired, just placed in a different location.

Well for my reassignment, I was placed in a school that is polar opposite from the one I was at. My new placement is in the hood or ghetto. It’s an inner city school with kids who are years behind their counterparts. Fights happen on the daily. Students disrespect adults. They don’t read. They don’t care about learning. In fact, the school is terribly understaffed because well…it’s tough to deal with kids like that. Trust if I could help it I wouldn’t be there but it is what it is. Am I miserable? Yes but I’m under contract and can’t leave til the end of the school year unfortunately. Trust me, I’m very disappointed things ended up this way.

It just sucks because well…I was in a terrible situation and then when I got hired at the district and at an amazing school, I was elated. I was free and can breathe a little easier because I suffered the first two years of teaching. Finally I can have a semi good school year. I got all excited all for my dreams to be crushed. Life just isn’t fair. I’m almost scared to get excited for things because well…it’ll get taken from me. I don’t ever want to get my hopes up ever again. It’s so hard for me to go on social media and see all these wonderful things that other teachers are doing in their classes. All the things I’ll never be able to do this year. It just sucks

If you can, please send me all the positive vibes, prayers, whatever. I will need it.


Nessa D.

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