How to Host Your Family Reunion on Zoom

Hey y’all

We recently had our family reunion (via zoom) and I had a lot of mixed emotions as the time drew near. Now, to answer the question of, why did you have a family reunion on zoom? Well simply put, there’s technically still a pandemic going on (Florida accounts for 20% of new COVID cases in the country). Not everyone is vaccinated and so we decided to have an option where we all can be safe. It was really affordable and it was a great way to get together as a family. I am aware that there are other video platforms that you could use, so some of these words of wisdom would really help you.

This was a really great way to get together with the family. Seeing as how everyone is spread out over the country, meeting on Zoom was an effortless way to still feel like we were meeting in person and in real time! Of course things happen and some people won’t show up and that’s okay. All that matters is who’s there currently and enjoy their company.

Would you consider hosting your family reunion on Zoom?

Check out my aunt’s video on how to host a social gathering on Zoom. This video was posted last year but it’s still great information!
On the last day of our reunion, the family dressed up in African garb as a tribute to those in the past




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