How to Deal With Change

Hey y’all!

So many new things have happened lately which is why I didn’t have a post last week (forgive me). I basically have encountered change back to back and I won’t lie it was quite overwhelming. I don’t know if change is overwhelming for other people but for me? I hate it. Like I know things in life happen and there will be times when change is inevitable (check out my post here). Through it all, I relied on God. Below, I explain what new change has happened in my life but also I will leave tips for what to do when you find change being overwhelming.

First change that happened was moving. I moved and I’ll be where I am for a year. That’s how long my lease is and my landlord let me know from the jump that this was only for a year. I don’t mind it, it just means that I have to really be smart with my money this time around and really save my money so that I’m not in this predicament that I’m in now. I need my credit raised (which means its time to tackle my debt) and I need to put myself in a position to get an apartment. My rental history isn’t the best (it’s been much better since being in my career) so I understand the hesitation for people willing to rent to me. Not saying that I wasn’t stressed out about finding a place to live (I was) but I just needed something. So far, God has answered my prayer.

Another change that I had happen was that I changed schools! That’s right! I left my last school and while I’m thrilled to be out of that place, I’m also terrified. My new school is the polar opposite of my last school. First of all, it’s with the district so it’s not a charter school (thank goodness) so I’ll be getting paid more. It’s also an “A” school (technically it’s a “B” school but the school grade don’t count this past year). My new school is the schools thats a model for the other middle schools in the district. Plus it’s in an affluent community. How did I end up there? God! He had my back and knew that I wouldn’t grow at my last school (not including all the crap I went through. Check out my post about that one).

What will you do if you find yourself feeling super overwhelmed by what’s going on in your life? Well the very first thing that I’ll suggest is prayer. Honestly take it to Jehovah God. He will help you. Ask him to have what’s best for you. I remember praying for what I wanted to happen when it hit me that it’s not all about me. It’s about God and what he wants for my life. What if what I prayed for wasn’t good for me? I prayed and left it in his hands (while occasionally freaking out).

Besides prayer, what else can you do? According to an article on Harvard Business Review’s website, you should follow these tips:

I’m excited and anxious to see what this year will bring me. What’s something that helps you with change?

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p.s. starting mid September, you’ll see a new name. I’m leaving LolaDasher behind. Who knows maybe I’ll do a blog post on it but it’s time for a new name. I’ll be Nessa D!


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