Mini Roast Beef Sandwiches (Recipe)

Hey y’all!

Now I barely post any type of recipe. Like seriously I can’t remember the last time I posted one. Once in a blue moon I like to post something that I enjoy making and these little sandwiches are one of those recipes.

What’s not to like about a roast beef sandwich? The gooeyness of the melty cheese. The sharp bite of the creamy horseradish sauce. And the bun. Normally it’s on a onion roll and it’s just so damn delicious. This one however is made with Hawaiian sweet rolls.Since they’re made on rolls, they’re pretty much slider sized and are so quick and easy to assemble.

I first got the idea from Ree Drummond (aka the Pioneer Woman). I loved it. You’ll see in her recipe, she added more things to her sandwiches. The only adjustment that I made with this one is the fact that it was cold (for this recipe that I’m showing today) and for the hot one that I made before, I didn’t have as much seasoning on the bread but it was still delicious.

My version is tasty hot or cold. This recipe is so versital. You can change out the bread. You can switch up the meat or the cheese. You can even change up the sauce if you want. Make these sandwiches to your liking. Plus, this sandwich is super cheap to make, which is fantastic in my book.


1 slice of roast beef per sandwich
This is the horseradish sauce I used
You can make your own cheese spread or you can just use the stuff in a jar which is the route I chose
Behold the tiny but mighty roast beef sandwich
These are a great make ahead snack!

What are some super quick sandwiches you like to make?



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