Taking Life advice From 6th Graders

Hey y’all!

A few weeks ago, when the school year was close to ending, and I wanted the kids to do some life changing activities (check out this post). I chose the activities with the intentions that they will see a deeper purpose in what we did and the impact that each one of us had on each other. I got the idea from the Secondary English Coffeeshop which can be found here.

You may, what kind of impact can kids make? Well, look at Malala Yousafzai. At a very young age (around 10) she started speaking out for girls’s rights to get an education. Greta Thunberg is a very brilliant young lady who fights for our planet and is a very outspoken environmentalist. Some adults feel like children don’t have enough life advice so they don’t have to pay attention to what they have to say. That is wrong, if we adults listen to what they have to say, we can help to foster a loving and open relationship and can close that generational gap.

Below, you will see some advice that my students gave. I didn’t modify or change what they wrote so if you see poor grammar or spelling (word choice), remember they were written by kids.

Life Advice

  • “I have learned to never give up and keep going even if you are doubtful” – age 11
  • “Don’t get involved with drama and don’t take it too seriously” age 12
  • “I have learned that people say that they want to die but they don’t know the true meaning of life yet” – age 12
  • “School is hard but never give up” – age 12
  • “I have learned that effort pays off when you try your best” – age 12
  • “Never judge a book by it’s cover the person could be very fun” – age 11
  • “I have learned that if you saved up money you can get the stuff you want. I have learned that when you grow up yo have to earned money. I have learned that when you have a due date you have to finish by that day” – age 12
  • “I have learned that life is not what you think but enjoy it” – age 11
  • “I have learned to not trust everybody because some people are fake. I have learned to always keep your best friends close and always treat the right so you don’t lose them” – age 12
  • “I have learned that kids see more of school then at home” – age 11
  • “Don’t steal” – age 12
  • “I learned that even if you don’t succeed it’s ok because at least you tried your best and thats all that counts” – age 12

What piece of advice resonated with you?

Again, just because they’re young, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t value what they say and how they think. We’re never too old to learn (or re-learn) lessons and truths. Let’s not have life leave us jaded (which can happen if we let it). The next time you’re around a child, ask them what they think about a topic. You never know what truth bombs they’ll drop.

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