Shop Small Y’all!

Hey y’all!

Well it’s so hard to believe that we are in December. In fact, in a couple of weeks will be the new year! Honestly, this year has flown by so fast that I can’t believe it. So much has happened. 2020 has honestly been on hell of a ride with lots of uncertainty. Alot of people have lost their jobs and small businesses are being affeted big time.

I have decided to compile a list of small businesses that you can support. I’m not really compiling this list for Christmas (I mean, Christmas, at the time I’m writing this, is next Friday). I’m doing this list because I want to help support these businesses. Alot of the businesses that I will list are women owned. In fact, the majority of those listed ae owned by women. Only one is owned by males.

This is just a fraction of the amounts of places you can shop from but this list is a start. From jewelry to desserts to clothes and teacher gifts to cards to candles…there’s a (though small) variety to choose from! They’re not paying me for this at all (in fact, I doubt they even know about this post ha ha). These are just brands that I know, trust, and love. Hopefully you’ll order from them and love them too! Some are brands that I’ve mentioned before on my blog; others are just ones that I just love. Again, don’t just shop for the holidays, shop all year long and support these small businesses.

Teacher Gifts

So nice of her to send a surprise book!
One of my fave shirts!


How yummy does this look?
I mean…how gorg is this?


Kelly Saks wearing one of her recent collab pieces with Taudrey
Beautiful earrings from Published_Clay


I have these prints on my door where I can see them everyday

Personal Development

I hope that this list will help you discover new stores and services to choose from. Only two of the businesses listed sells to local buyers but the rest are nationwide and can ship international as well! What are some of your favorite small businesses? Give them a shoutout and let’s help some folks out.

Hope you all are safe and well!




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