Let’s Make a Vision Board

Hey y’all!

I will be totally honest with you all. I have been struggling over here. My birthday was this past Monday and to be honest, I’ve been struggling mentally and emotionally since then. I’m nowhere near where I thought I would be by now (babies and a hubby) and logically I’m like chill Vanessa! Your life is just starting to take off but I don’t know, at the end of the day, I’d rather come home to a hubby and some kids, not just my cat. I know that there is no real timeline when it comes to life but I just yearn to be settled down already.

Anyway, ironically, I told my therapist about my feelings during one of our sessions and she suggested that I make a vision board. First we started by looking at the things I valued and I journaled about how I felt about my results of my values test. I then visualized for a week and I had to track it of course. So for the next week, I had to make a vision board. It took me a lil minute to make this vision board y’all! I was barely finding anything to put on it and then the things I was putting on it were mostly happy and positive quotes and quotes about love. Like thats about it. Nothing much about my career, the type of house I want or the car I want so I had to do a little digging to add more things to my board.

So the question, what is a vision board? Some people call them dream boards. A vision board is a visual representation of your goals. Vision boards are pretty cool to me. It’s a visualization tool that helps put your goals and things that inspire you and you just put it on a board so that it’s right there in your face. I made one in 2016 like during my last semester in undergrad and y’all…it was amazing the things that came into my life from my board. If you’re looking for someone who is like the queen of vision boards, I’d check out Adrienne Bosh’s blog. Adrienne Bosh is the wife of basketball star Chris Bosh and her transformation has been truly remarkable (I deep down want to do a blog post with her or work with her in some way or fashion).

A vision board is something that inspires you. You should feel joy and inspired when you look at it. It can be as big or as small as you want. It can be full of pictures or words or quotes. It can be a science fair board or it can fit in your planner or a poster board. You can make one on your phone (like a digital one) or you can get a bulletin board and that way you can swap out your goals as yo begin to manifest things (plus, our goals can change so it’ll be a great way to swap out pics or quotes). What books or magazines can you find inspiration in? What do you want to create (please don’t overthink this). Be intentional when making your vision board. What impact do you want to have on yourself and the world? It can be a solo product or you can have a vision board party (yes! You can have a vision board party and do it online).

As for me, I’m hoping that the things on my board will come to be manifested. I want a family so I made sure to put things about that, of course I’m a hopeless romantic so I added things about love, I want to go to The Blue Box cafe so I made sure to add something with Tifanny’s and of course I added things about my career and fur babies. As I slowly get out of my depressive state I’ll start the steps to actually working on my goals. You didn’t just think that you just add stuff to the board and thats it, did you? You have to put in the work to accomplish those goals. You’re just putting your goals out there in the universe, it’s up to you to actually work on obtaining those goals. After you make your board it would be a great time to actually write out the goals and how you’ll accomplish them. Start small. Work on the short term goals and in time, you’ll be making those long term goals in due time.

Do you enjoy vision boards? If you’ve never made one before I def want to encourage you to make one and then let me know how it goes!




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