Studio Tone It Up Is Three!

Hey y’all!

So the Studio Tone It Up App is three years old this month! As a way to celebrate, Tone It Up is making the app free for the entire month of September. Yes you heard me, the app is free for the month. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should join this awesome community of women, you can legit try it out for free for the month. That’s enough to do the 14 Day Slay program or the 21 Day Challenge. Y’all, you need to hop on this!

I’ve been apart of this awesome community of women for over two years now. I’m just recently within this past year have been following and actually connecting with the other ladies in the community on Instagram. Y’all, its awesome. Really! You have someone in your corner and supporting you on your wellness goals and vice versa. Tone It Up have revamped their app so now you can add ladies from the community to be your friend on the app and you can see what each other are doing for workouts and meditations (if they meditate), you can take a class together (or workout at the same time) and sometimes on Instagram, they hold side challenges apart from the app, just between you and your group of friends.

Below are some of my favorite aspects of the app. Check it out. Maybe it will convince you to try the app out risk-free! The app is available on both Apple and Android phones, iPad, and Apple TV.


The programs is absolutely the top favorite aspect of the app. They don’t do year long programs or things of that nature. They usually do a challenge in the beginning of the year, one mid spring, a three week long one, then a fall challenge. In the meantime, it’s nice to have many programs to choose from (which is great because you won’t get bored). If programs aren’t your thing, its fine! They have options for regular classes (that you can def filter to find the perfect workout for you) and they have the daily toning moves that you can do by themselves or add on to any workout that you do. Honestly, the options are endless!

They have challenges you can do all year long which is awesome especially when there isn’t a challenge going on. You can pick and choose what you want to do!
My fave thing about is the on demand section. You can filter and pick what type of workout you want to do, what trainer you want to work with, equipment and how long you choose to do it as well. This is amazing


They have added a nutrition section to the app. At your finger tips you have tips and tricks to help you make sure your nutrition is on point and how to get the most out of your nutrition plan. If you have purchased the nutrition plan, you can find it in this section of the app. Even if you haven’t purchased the plan (like me), there’s the free Summer Tone Up nutrition plan also available along with some recipes for dinner, smoothies, breakfast, and snacks. There’s legit no excuse to not eat lean, clean, and green. You can even order protein powders, collagen and the pre-workout (which I love) right from the app as well which is amaze-balls! They always say that Abs are made with your workouts and reveal through your nutrition!

Super convenient! They have the nutrition plan in the nutrition section AND you can shop for protein as well. If you haven’t bought the nutrition plan, they offer some recipes for free as well


This is like one of my top favorite aspects of the On-Demand section in the app. I use this everyday! Especially with me going back to teaching in the classroom, this helps me get my few moments of zen before my students actually show up in the morning. I just look through and see what I may need and how much time I have available. They have short meditations to long ones. No matter your mood, you will find a meditation that will help calm you and you know I’m all about mental health!

This is honestly one of my favorite sections of the app. It’s found in the meditations section. I use this daily!

A gain, if you haven’t added this app yet, what are you waiting for? What aspect of the app are you excited to try?



They added a section of badges that you earn when completing challenges, workouts, and meditations
You can befriend other ladies in the community and follow them and see what they are doing. They’ll see what you’re doing as well

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