Quick Tone It Up Summer Series Update!

Hey y’all!

I haven’t updated y’all on all my Tone It Up programs that I’ve done lol. Was the last one I talked about the “Toned Body, Toned Mind” program? I think so? Anyway, it’s been a good minute so I guess I should catch you guys up! Since I finished that program back in March or February, I did their “14 Day Slay” (which kicked my ass by the way), and their four week “Beach Babe” program, I started their “Summer Tone Up” program back in May. I can’t believe its been that long ago.

The Summer Tone Up used to be called the Bikini Series. When they announced it, I was really excited. I thought it was going to be an 8-week program but they said it would be six weeks (lately their programs have been getting shorter and shorter). This time around, the meal plan came with the program and the recipes were available in the app! I was really excited because well…paying for the meal plan plus the app seemed to be a bit much so I was happy!

Obviously, we were in quarantine when the program started so it was a great distraction in my opinion. It was a way for me to get out my frustrations! One of the things that helped me push through my workouts was actually their pre-worker formula (you can find it at some Targets or on their site). It gave me energy, it has feel good stuff in it (like ashwaganda) and it wasn’t that bad tasting. Something that helped me when it came to taking it was: 3/4 cup of COLD water and I did half a scoop. One reason was because the flavor wasn’t overwhelming that way plus the tub is only supposed to last you two weeks (like no! I’m getting my $20 worth lol). I made it my goal to try to stick to the meal plan (or try to incorporate more recipes from the meal plan), drink more water, increase my weights, add more workouts than the ones scheduled for the day, and meditate every day. Well…I made some of those goals to be honest.

It was actually my plan to talk about the program as I was in it but I kept forgetting to post after each week I was done. Besides, when I was in my depressive episode I might have deleted post (my bad). Actually, during that depressive episode, I stopped working it. It lasted like four or five days but I didn’t work out. For one thing, I just didn’t want to. I wanted to stay in bed (I actually wanted to just disappear). I had absolutely no motivation to workout and meditate. The other reason why I didn’t workout was because I wasn’t eating. I wasn’t starving myself but I honestly lost my appetite and didn’t want to risk working out and passing out. 

The program was originally for six weeks BUT since the whole protesting thing started happening, they extended the program for another two weeks! I made my goal of working out everyday up until that point. I did great for week six but for week seven (when my episode happened), I fell off track. I thought about just giving up on the program but I told myself that I’d finish it. I didn’t want let myself down and to just give up. I worked really hard (exercise wise not diet wise) to crush my workouts and to let it all go because of some bad news was just not optional for me. I decided to get up and actually get back into the swing of things for the last week and it actually happened so I’m proud of myself.

Day 1 front
Day 1 back
Day 1 side
Week 3 side
Week 3 front
Week 3 back
Last day front
Last Day side
Last Day back

There you have it! My quick update for Tone It Up. Can’t wait for the fall challenge! They’re actually having a sale. They have a 40% off sale for the weekend of the 4th plus free booty bands if you spend $75 or more on the site so if you’re reading it now, I’d hop on that (the sale is good til the 7th of July). There is also a 25% off sale on the app as well if you chose to purchase it (which I think you should). 

How are you staying fit lately? 




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