OWLS Magical Readathon Recap + Reviews!

Hey y’all!

I just completed (sort of) the OWLS Magical Readathon. Not gonna lie, it was pretty hectic. At first, I felt like it was smooth sailing. I did start on like the 3rd of April but I wasn’t going to let that get me down. I went to Target, picked up my first book for the challenge and got hooked. Below, I’ll leave my personal review of each of the books I’ve read but I wanted to let you know how the challenge went for me overall. I first heard about the challenge on Instagram and then I decided I wanted in on this challenge for the month of April.

As I said, I started a few days late but it was okay. I wasn’t going to let it get me down. The real challenge however came in when the first book I read (which I loved by the way) made me really sad.I’m a hopeless romantic so I was really feeling down on myself because I’m afraid to tell Poke’boy how I felt and still feel. So I took a day to get myself together. Once I finished that book and moved into my second book for the challenge, it was such a challenge for me because I wasn’t really interested in it. The last book I actually really enjoyed but the prospect of reading that in a little over a week while teaching and reading another book for a novel study I’m currently doing with my students, seemed like a bit much!

I tried so hard to finish all three books last month and on Thursday at 11:59 pm, I was three chapters away from finishing the challenge completely. Was I disappointed in myself, yes! But I didn’t beat myself up too bad over it. I still consider the challenge a bit of a success. For the challenge, you pick a career in the Wizarding world and you read the books required for it. Since I chose Write/Journalist, I had to read three books: one for Muggle Studies, History of Magic, and I had a free choice for a third class so I chose Charms (my favorite subject from the wizarding world).

This was actually the second book I read in the challenge for Charms class. The task was to read a book with a white cover. I heard about this book from a teacher on Instagram and decided to give it a go. This book was tough for me. This book is about a biracial boy and a white girl who falls in love with each other and the aftermath of it. It takes place in the South. The young girl’s father is well…a bit prejudiced. The book deals with racism and love and tragedy. It has all the makings of a great story. However, something just didn’t click for me. Something in it seemed off. Maybe it was rushed or choppy. I’m not sure but it’s not one of those books that I’ll be dying to read. In fact, I give it a 3.5/5 stars. This is all my opinion. Maybe you’ll like it. Maybe not. It’ll be cool if you let me know if you do decide to read it. 

This was the first book I read. I read this book for Muggle Studies. The task was to read a contemporary book from the prospective from a muggle. I loved it. Its super cheesy and will give you “To All The Boys I’ve Ever Loved” feels. Its about a nerdy girl who loves books and Star Wars and who’s also secretly in love with her best friend when they decided to fake their romance as a favor to Sal (the girl who’s hopelessly in love with her bff) and the aftermath of it. The thing that annoyed me was the fact that her mom and her other bff, Hooker, was pressuring her to date. Like that was a bit much for me. This is a YA book so its perfect for teens and tweens alike or just those who like me love YA fiction. This is a cute light read. I give it a 4/5 stars!

Now, for my favorite. I read “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” for the History of Magic. The task was to read a book about witches and wizards! I chose to read this last because I knew it would take the longest. This book was way better than the movie (isn’t that always the case?). If you’ve never read the book or seen the movie, basically Harry Potter is entered into a competition with two other schools and he has to win them. All the while, he’s trying to figure out who put his name in the Goblet of Fire, who’s trying to kill him and may or may not have an encounter with the dark lord. As I said, this was actually one of my favorites. They cut out so much important information in the movie but I guess they can only fit so much in a 2 hr movie. I’ve always like the Weasley family but omg I loved them after this book. This was also the last book from the series that I had to read. It’s just amazing. Definitely a 5/5 stars!


As you can see, I struggled a bit during this challenge. I really hope that in the fall when the NEWTS challenge comes around, I’ll actually be able to complete all the books in the right time frame. Reading challenges are a great way to push yourself and see how much you can read in a month or in a year! For example, for the year, I challenged myself to read 15 books and I’ve already read 11 and it’s only May. Obviously I have to bump it up a bit more lol.

Will you do the NEWTS challenge or the yearly book challenge on Goodreads? Let me know!






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