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My Takeaways from the Her Best F**king Brunch Quarantine Edition

Hey y’all!

Last week I “attended” the Her Best F**king Brunch Quarantine Edition held by Sarah Ordo. Now, I’ve mention Sarah here on my blog numerous of times but if you don’t know who she is or if this is your first time here, Sarah is amazing. She’s a sober life coach, business owner, podcaster, YouTuber, self-published author…like the list goes on and on. She’s amazing. 

Anyway, she usually holds these brunches locally in Detroit, Michigan. So this time around, since we’re all home and basically on lockdown, she held this virtual brunch that lasted all day over on Facebook. Now when I say this brunch lasted all day, I mean it (from 9:45 am – 7pm). She spoke but she also had various girl bosses speak as well such as the one and only Cara Alwill who is an author and life coach, life coach and host of the podcast Seriously Let’s Be F**king Honest Staci Hissong, MB Mannino of The Wellthy Life who ended the day with a breath work session, author of Fear Is My Homeboy Judi Holler, and much much more. Even for five days leading up to the virtual brunch she had for each night one additional girl boss speakers. 

It was amazing and life changing and man oh man did I enjoy it. First of all, this was not a free thing (I paid my $50) but it was well worth the price. I left with lots of takeaways and I want to share them with you as well. Now I’ll have most of the titles, however, I didn’t write all the speakers names for them so I do apologize if you wanted to look them up for yourself. I hope these tips will help you in your life as well. I feel that everyone should have access to what I learned so I decided to share them with you (well I wrote down what was important and resonated with me). Enjoy!

SLAY Method

S- Start each day with gratitude 

L- Look to the future through manifestation

A- Take action

Y- Remember your why

Tools to Take Action and Power in Your Life

  • Gratitude over fear
  • Ask yourself “what” questions instead of “why”. “What” is solution based
  • You can’t calm fear and anxiety by thinking about it. You have to move your body. Take action. Think about the next action.

How to Align with What You Want

  • Decide and declare what you want to the universe
  • Affirm the positive. For Example, “I will have…” “I will be…”
  • You are in control of your life. Ask yourself “How much control do I have over my life?”
  • Write and manifest what you want, not need.

Thriving in Quarantine

  • Your ability to adapt
  • What’s important for you to know? What are you consuming?
  • What can you focus on?
  • Your ability to be creative

Focus Not Fear

  • Fear hates when you are focused
  • Set a schedule
  • Dress to be productive
  • Know your triggers
  • Kill the clutter

Living Life on Purpose

  • Identify what you would do if there were no limitations. If you own a business or want to, ask yourself: Does it make you happy? Are you good at it? Do people need this? Would people pay for this?
  • Gain confidence. Be an observer of your thoughts. You have two options to elevate: accept it or change it.
  • Create a new story that you tell yourself.
  • Visualization. Think of a specific goal.

These are just some of the takeaways that I got from the brunch. These are things you can take and apply to your life, whether it’s your professional life or personal life. Theres always room for improvement and I’m choosing to take what I’ve learned and elevate myself, both personally and professionally.


I hope that you’ve enjoyed these few takeaways of mine. Let me know if these tips have helped you in your life and career!





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