Free Resources for Teaching Online!

Hey y’all!

Times are crazy and hectic, especially for us teachers. All across the country, we’re dealing with schools closing and going virtual, which is scary and confusing times right now. I was not prepared for this at all! Today was actually our first day teaching online and it was a struggle to say the least. We had to make sure every student had a laptop or iPad (which the school provided) and we got to it. We use Zoom and we were told to mainly use Edmodo to post assignments and any supplements, which is totally awesome.

There’s a lot of uncertainty going around with these school closures. Some districts are closed for the rest of the year. Some are told for a month. We’re trying this online learning until April 15th and then they will tell us whether or not we’ll return to the classroom for the rest of the year. I know colleges and universities are doing online classes only and will not have their in person graduation this year, which is disappointing to those who worked hard in college only to be robbed of walking across the stage and having their ceremony while being surrounded by their loved ones. Its sad and frustrating so I get it when people are disappointed.

What is beautiful through this whole situation are teachers coming together and posting free resources for teachers to use during this time. If you’re not sure where to look or where to begin, I got you. Just so we’re clear, I’m simply compiling a small list of places you can get free sources. I will also show what I could from my google drive, which is where I will begin.

Google Drive (the majority of these are for Secondary ELA classes grades 6-12)

2ndary ELA Resources

 6th Grade Reading Resources

The Townie Teacher

Miss Fairchild’s Muggles

Shared Resources 

The Daring English Teacher

That Awkward Teacher

The Engaging Station

Get Your Teach On (this is more K-6 friendly)


Get Your Teach On

Free Resources – This site has a list of resources that work directly with them. There are links like Classfit, which helps students get up and physical so that they’re not just sitting down staring at a screen all day. They work with such brands as Berteau & Co., Hand 2 Mind, Scholastic, and much more. Hope and Wade King really put their heart and soul

Also, on their Facebook and Instagram pages, everyday at 1:00 pm ET, they have a 30 minute many lesson for ELA! Again, most of these are for grades K-6. I think its great because they do read alouds, have resources that goes along with the book they’ll be using available for free for you to download, so you’re not unprepared for the lesson.

YouTube Videos

I hope that some of these free resources can help you if you’re a teacher, parent, or if you have any educators in your life. Let me know if this helps or if you have any other resources that could be of use for teachers all across the globe. We’re in this together!




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