How to Keep Calm During Self-Quarantine

Hey y’all!

I’m here at home during my spring break and I just wanted to have something for you all to do while you’re at home or during a self-quarantine. Things have been crazy for the past week. It really hit home for me when they started to shut down schools (which btw I’ll have a post tomorrow about some helpful links for teachers) and so we have to essentially work from home. We’ve been getting bombarded with information on the corona virus and have seen people panic and people getting their feelings and emotions worked up over this illness. Now as far as I’m concerned, 80% of the people who get it experience flu and cold-like symptoms and can recover in a couple of weeks. It really gets dangerous for people with weakened immune systems or the elderly. For people to go crazy buying all of the toilet paper and groceries, remember there is a possibility you may not be affected at all by this virus.

The CDC recommends that you stay home if you’re sick, limit your time being out in the community (don’t become a hermit), limit visitations, and if you’re concerned call a hotline but don’t go into the emergency room. The hope is that if you are tested posted for the COVID-19 (aka Corona Virus) you won’t infect others. Now is not the time to be careless and not the time to panic. There is no need to buy 15 packs of toilet paper (like really, why do you need that much toilet paper?) nor is it the time to judge someone. I understand that these are scary and hectic times but we must keep our emotions in check and not lash out at people and judge them for the choices that they make. As noted, the CDC said to limit our time in public, not avoid the public all together. 

What can we do to make sure we’re not going stir crazy? Well remember that we’re okay. Cara Alwill put out a new podcast episode today reminding us that we’re okay! If we woke up with a roof over our head, we’re okay. If we have food or water in the kitchen, we’re okay. If we have a phone or computer, we’re okay. We have to remind ourselves of these things because we can get a little ahead of ourselves and panic. We should be grateful for what we do have and remind ourselves of that whenever life gets crazy. I personally have been trying my best to stay cool calm and collected during this time.

As mentioned before, I’m on my Spring Break at work so I’m trying to relax as much as possible without letting this get to my head. However, yesterday, I found myself meditating three times and when I noticed that, I knew things had to change. So one of the first things I did was limit my time on my phone, which if anyone knows me, its so hard. I’m attached to my phone at all times when I’m not at work so this has been a true challenge. I just have to make sure that I’m not letting the outside world get to me (btw, is this not an introvert’s dream? Social distancing?). I wanted to pass along some tips that’s helping me get through these trying times: 

Listen to a podcast! I love a good podcast! Here’s one from Sarah Ordo (Her Best F***ing Life). Cara Alwill (Style Your Mind) has a great podcast too and can help take your mind off of things!
Meditate! This is a biggie for me. Just taking time to breathe and relax is key. We have to make sure our mental health is in check. Apps like Insight Timer(which is free btw) or Calm are great places to find meditations. Also check YouTube!
Getting physical is vital to our physical and mental health. When we can focus on something like a workout, it helps us push past our beliefs. In fact, Tone It Up is now offering 30 days for free for people to workout in the app. That’s enough to complete one program in the app! Take advantage of this you guys!
Read a book or two! I love reading. It takes me places. It opens my eyes. It gives me something to think about. Here, I’m reading Sarah Ordo’s brand new book “Not Sorry”that she just released! Check it out or just read any book!
Cuddle with a pet. It’ll make them feel good and you feel good. Nothing like a pet’s love for you
Listen to some feel good tunes! I’ve been listening to my Apple Music but there are plenty of playlists out there that can put you in a great mood. Here, Cara Alwill shares her playlist on Spotify that she recently made for this crazy time we’re in!
Get outside. Go for a walk. Don’t be stuck inside the house all day! It’ll drive you coo coo bananas.
Play games! I love playing card games, like Uno, with friends or games on my computer, like The Sims 4, and even Mario Kart. Play games. It’s fun!
Read your Bible. Getting close to God and praying can really be a great help! Ask him for his Holy Spirit to help you remain calm

Whatever will help you have a sense of calm, please do it. Got a book you’ve always wanted to write? Write it! A blog? Start one! I think this is the universe’s way of telling us to slow down. And in the words of Mr. Rogers, remember the helpers. Remember those trying to help and make a difference. Things aren’t as bleak as they seem. I hope that these tips will help!


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