How to Cook a Flat Iron Steak

Hey y’all!

Coming at you with a foodie post. I was craving a steak so I looked up how to cook a steak. I looked at Ree Drummond’s recipe and while I was excited to make her recipe, I don’t have a grill. So I had to continue my search for a great and easy recipe for steak.

Behold: below you will find the recipe I used that I think was easy and quick! With only a few ingredients, you can be on your way to having a yummy steak. For this particular method, I cooked a flat iron steak. I was looking for a filet but since the store didn’t have any, I settled on the flat iron cut instead.

What you’ll need for this recipe is:

1 lb flat iron steak

3 tbsp of oil

A sprinkle of lemon pepper seasoning

1 tbsp of butter

Start with your arsenal of ingredients
On medium high heat, add the seasoned meat to an oiled skillet. Let it cook for 5 min per side
Once you you’ve cooked the first side, flip it over and add some butter to it. I got that trick from Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond
It’s important to let the meat rest before you cut it so that the first slice isn’t the only juicy and tender slice. Let it rest for at least 5 min. I added a tin foil tent while it rested
After you let the meat rest, slice it diagonally against the grain. As you can see I like my steak medium rare. If you like yours more done, feel free to cool it longer than the 5 min per side

So there you have it. I tweaked the recipe online to make it my own and it was pretty juicy. I hope you all enjoy it! Let me know if you decide to make it and tell me how you liked it!




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