My Advice on Landing a Teaching Position

Hey y’all!

Applying and obtaining a teaching position can be kind of hectic. You may not know where to begin or is unsure if you’ll ever get a job. I mean, just one of the hurdles (testing) is costing people hundreds even thousands of dollars just to take and then you have to pay an additional $75 just to apply for your Statement of Eligibility (at least here in Florida you do) and that can be a burden financially. Not to mention the study guides you have to buy, the tutoring sessions you have to invest in, it can be very costly. However, it is very much worth it if teaching is what you truly want to do. To help give you at least some type of direction, I decided to compile a list of tips that’s helped me get a teaching position. Keep in mind that I went to school for teaching so I’m considered in-field. I’m not entirely sure how the process is for people who are out of field, so if you’re changing careers, this still may help you a bit but it won’t be tailored to your situation.

These tips are not in any particular order but these are the different things that I’ve done to get a job:

I believe those are all the tips that I have for you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Its an exciting process but it can seem a bit daunting. Just hang in there. Trust and believe that you got this. Don’t worry about being a first year teacher. Be honest in your interviews. Teachers had to get their start sometime. 








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